Dynamic Language Use Pops in Asia20081216194252

Dynamic Language Use Pops in Asia

Kendra PenroseDecember 16, 20080 comments
According to eWeek.com, dynamic language use is soaring in Asia, with more than 88 percent of developers in a recent survey saying they use some dynam...
Gartner: 85 percent of companies using open source20081118191423

Gartner: 85 percent of companies using open source

Kendra PenroseNovember 18, 20080 comments
This recent post on CNET was forwarded to me by a colleague yesterday. An interesting part of the post is that “only 31 percent of companies sur...
Avoiding the Epic Fail20080924173900

Avoiding the Epic Fail

Kendra PenroseSeptember 24, 20080 comments
Software development is hard. No matter what the end product, many of the same stumbling blocks come up time and again and get in the way of project s...
“ActivePerl is meeting, if not beating our expectations”20080811230900

“ActivePerl is meeting, if not beating our expectations”

Kendra PenroseAugust 11, 20080 comments
Hard to believe it’s already the middle of August..and the end of the official summer months. How do I make myself feel better about the inevita...
PPM build servers are dead — long live PPM!20080625165200

PPM build servers are dead — long live PPM!

Kendra PenroseJune 25, 20080 comments
Our PPM build server infrastructure has been very maintenance intensive; it needed some manual tweaking and fixing on a weekly basis.  We finally cou...
What’s Robust and Worry-Free?20080620174508

What’s Robust and Worry-Free?

Kendra PenroseJune 20, 20080 comments
ActivePerl for the Enterprise, of course! Find out how Finisar was able to focus on their own products and let ActiveState worry about maintaining the...
Numara Software Success Story20080528172407

Numara Software Success Story

Kendra PenroseMay 28, 20080 comments
“The code is solid and the quality is extremely high. We’re a very happy ActiveState customer.” – Mark Krieger, VP of Product ...
ActivePerl and a Trick Question20080516204723

ActivePerl and a Trick Question

Kendra PenroseMay 16, 20080 comments
Q: What’s better than May Long Weekend?  A: Nothing, eh! Well, I suppose the new release of ActivePerl comes pretty darn close. That’s ri...
Number of ActivePython downloads EXPLODED!20080512194831

Number of ActivePython downloads EXPLODED!

Kendra PenroseMay 12, 20080 comments
Exploded in a good way (thankfully). Our ActivePython downloads tripled last month, which is pretty awesome!  We are obviously providing some use...
TDK 4.1 released20080417170147

TDK 4.1 released

Kendra PenroseApril 17, 20080 comments
Even with our fearless leader at Toolapalooza this week, we have gone ahead and released TDK 4.1. This version includes some great new features and is...