Komodo 11.1 is Here! LSP Support and Over 150 Improvements!20180621150304

Komodo 11.1 is Here! LSP Support and Over 150 Improvements!

Nathan RijksenJune 21, 2018, ,
Komodo 11.1 is one of those updates that may not seem like much until you start using it. This update includes well over 150 bug fixes, quality of lif...
Komodo IDE 11.0.2 Released20171219215239

Komodo IDE 11.0.2 Released

While we are hard at work on Komodo 11.1 we didn’t want to keep you waiting for some vital fixes to bugs introduced since Komodo 11 was released...
Komodo IDE 11.0.1 Released20171031130151

Komodo IDE 11.0.1 Released

Today we have a nice big maintenance release for our Komodo users, fixing a variety of bugs and issues you’ve let us know about since 11.0.0. So...
Komodo 11 Released: Revamped CodeIntel, DevDocs.io Integration and More20170926130109

Komodo 11 Released: Revamped CodeIntel, DevDocs.io Integration and More

After roughly a year of hard work, we’re happy to announce the next major iteration of Komodo IDE. There are so many changes in this release it’s hard...
10 Reasons Why Komodo Isn’t Your Average Editor20170830130300

10 Reasons Why Komodo Isn’t Your Average Editor

Nathan RijksenAugust 30, 2017, , , ,
If there is one thing I’ve noticed in my years of working on Komodo, it’s that people are full of misconceptions about what it is. Some of...
Komodo 10.2.3 Released – Freezing Issue Resolved20170725141402

Komodo 10.2.3 Released – Freezing Issue Resolved

Nathan RijksenJuly 25, 2017,
MacOS 10.12.4 came with an interesting surprise for Komodo users, one that made Komodo randomly hang when running processes. Many of you reported this...
Addon Bootstrapper in Komodo20170530170000

Addon Bootstrapper in Komodo

Nathan RijksenMay 30, 2017, , , , , ,
As you may or may not know, Komodo is based on Mozilla, same as Firefox. You might even say Komodo is based on Firefox. As you may also know, Firefox ...
Komodo 10.2.2 Released20170504180000

Komodo 10.2.2 Released

The Komodo team is hard at work on our next big update, but before we get to that we have another maintenance release to share with you. This release ...
Unit Testing with Komodo IDE20170411180000

Unit Testing with Komodo IDE

Nathan RijksenApril 11, 2017, , ,
Unit Testing was one of the big changes we made to Komodo 10.2. This is a fresh iteration which supports more frameworks and gives you a lot of useful...
Komodo 10.2.1 Released20170313180109

Komodo 10.2.1 Released

Nathan RijksenMarch 13, 2017,
Today we’re releasing version 10.2.1 for Komodo IDE and Edit. This is a stability release, meaning it only seeks to address stability issues and...