Webinar: Test Driven Development with ActivePython20170119183325

Webinar: Test Driven Development with ActivePython

Navrup JohalJanuary 19, 2017
Date: January 25thTime: 10am PST, 1pm PST Presenters: Tom Radcliffe, ActiveState Director of Engineering & Jeff Rouse, ActiveState Director o...
Top 10 Blogs from 201620161228060000

Top 10 Blogs from 2016

Navrup JohalDecember 28, 2016, ,
It’s my favourite blog of the year – where I list the articles I found the most memorable, interesting, and educational from 2016 (in my humble ...
How can I purchase Perl Dev Kit (PDK) and Tcl Dev Kit (TDK)?20161025222421

How can I purchase Perl Dev Kit (PDK) and Tcl Dev Kit (TDK)?

Navrup JohalOctober 25, 2016
Perl Dev Kit and Tcl Dev Kit are now only available with a minimum bulk buy of 10 units or as an addition to an Enterprise or OEM contract. For more i...
Tcl Survey 201620160829210734

Tcl Survey 2016

Navrup JohalAugust 29, 2016,
This summer, we sent out a survey to all our ActiveTcl downloaders and customers. We wanted to gain some insights into how and why people use ActiveTc...
Webinar: The ActiveState of Tcl20160804211746

Webinar: The ActiveState of Tcl

Navrup JohalAugust 4, 2016,
Millions of developers around the world use Tcl for rapid prototyping, scripted applications, GUIs, and testing. It’s everywhere around us – fro...
What’s Up Perl?20160721183714

What’s Up Perl?

Navrup JohalJuly 21, 2016, , , , ,
Recently, Tom Radcliffe (ActiveState Director of Engineering) and Jason McIntosh, co-author of the O’Reily book “Perl & XML,” did a webinar ...
The Perl Paradox20160705232107

The Perl Paradox

Navrup JohalJuly 5, 2016, ,
Our Director of Engineering, Tom Radcliffe, recently presented a talk at YAPC North America titled “The Perl Paradox.” This concept refers to the fact...
An Interview with a Perl Hacker20160609170000

An Interview with a Perl Hacker

Navrup JohalJune 9, 2016, , ,
Perl is invisible—like the air. Those are some commonly heard refrains when people talk about Perl. It’s been around for so long, doing such a g...
Overview of Komodo IDE X20160606000000

Overview of Komodo IDE X

Navrup JohalJune 6, 2016
Our continued reliance on mobile devices and the resulting proliferation of mobile apps has led to increased demand in tools that aid in mobile and we...
How to Prevent IT Disasters with Off-the-Shelf Solutions20160526190916

How to Prevent IT Disasters with Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Large software projects are like catnip to corporations and governments. There’s something irresistible to them about wanting to create and build a sy...