The Road To DevOps20140827211302

The Road To DevOps

I have been thinking recently about where DevOps comes from and how it is adopted. Most adoption for DevOps seems to come from Operations engineers. A...
DevOps: Tools Vs Culture20140811214103

DevOps: Tools Vs Culture

DevOps is a marriage between tools and culture. If you are just using the tools that you heard about at a recent DevOps Days and not also embracing th...
Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day20140724184331

Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day

philwJuly 24, 2014
It’s SysAdmin Appreciation Day on July 25th! To mark this wondrous day and spread the word, we thought we would head out onto the streets of Van...
Consul for Service Discovery – Mitchell Hashimoto Explains20140624040000

Consul for Service Discovery – Mitchell Hashimoto Explains

Last week I chatted with Mitchell Hashimoto about his recently released open-source project Consul for service discovery, which builds upon their prev...
John Arundel on DevOps20130802174259

John Arundel on DevOps

philwAugust 2, 2013, , ,
A few months ago, in my post The Elusiveness of DevOps, I asked John Arundel of Bitfield Consulting what his definition of “DevOps” was. N...
Is A “DevOps” Job Title So Bad?20130607221612

Is A “DevOps” Job Title So Bad?

philwJune 7, 2013
I follow several threads of thought on the web and elsewhere around “What Is DevOps?“. A common aggravation for several people in the indu...