Komodo 6 Now Supports HTML5 and CSS320101014162319

Komodo 6 Now Supports HTML5 and CSS3

Todd WhitemanOctober 14, 2010css 3, css3, html 5, html5, komodo, komodo 6, komodo ide
Komodo 6 includes support for the latest and greatest web technologies,like HTML5 and CSS3. HTML5 Komodo already provides a slew of great features for...
Our favorite Komodo IDE add-ons20100323174120

Our favorite Komodo IDE add-ons

Todd WhitemanMarch 23, 2010add-on, extensions, komodo, komodo add-ons, komodo edit, komodo ide
Komodo Extensions – Top Picks There are many great add-ons that have been written to extend Komodo, providing a slew of new features and functio...
Komodo 5.2.0 has been released20090916172727

Komodo 5.2.0 has been released

Todd WhitemanSeptember 16, 2009komodo
Komodo 5.2.0 has been released, you can use Komodo’s Check for Updates menu to launch the auto-update dialog and update your installed Komodo ve...
Komodo 5.2.0 beta1 released20090908190520

Komodo 5.2.0 beta1 released

Todd WhitemanSeptember 8, 2009komodo
We’ve just released the first beta of Komodo 5.2.0. Create a free account on the ActiveState Platform to try it today. We’ve been busy mak...
PHPDoc and JSDoc auto documenting20090213234015

PHPDoc and JSDoc auto documenting

Todd WhitemanFebruary 13, 2009javascript, php
Nathan Rijksen has recently posted a neat Komodo macro that I’ve found very useful when editing PHP and JavaScript files: https://community.acti...
Komodo 5.0.3 API changes20081219004554

Komodo 5.0.3 API changes

Todd WhitemanDecember 19, 2008komodo
Just a heads up that the Komodo 5.0.3 release will change the behaviour of some of the common API methods. This should only affect a small minority of...
Komodo 5 beta 120081015192847

Komodo 5 beta 1

Todd WhitemanOctober 15, 2008komodo
Komodo 5.0.0 beta 1 has just been released and it’s now available to try by creating a free account on the ActiveState Platform. More details on...
XBL javascript completions (Mozilla JavaScript development)20080717172658

XBL javascript completions (Mozilla JavaScript development)

Todd WhitemanJuly 17, 2008mozilla
If you are working with Firefox extensions (or Mozilla derivate) and ever used a XBL binding, you soon find there are certain JavaScript API calls you...
TODO helper update20080327195548

TODO helper update

Todd WhitemanMarch 27, 2008komodo
The todo helper extension, useful for finding those todo markers inside your source files has now been updated to work in conjunction with the new ...
New features for OpenKomodo20080211202021

New features for OpenKomodo

Todd WhitemanFebruary 11, 2008komodo
With the upcoming Komodo 4.3 release (we’ve just released Alpha builds), check out the new Find/Replace functionality now included in OpenKomodo...