Python vs C++ for Text Processing20171115140311

Python vs C++ for Text Processing

Tom RadcliffeNovember 15, 2017activepython, c/c++, c++, python, python vs c, regex, regexes
Text will always be a major format for data and it will never be well-organized. According to Phil Karlton’s famous joke, the two hard problems in com...
Accelerating Your Algorithms: Considerations in Design, Algorithm Choice and Implementation20171102130109

Accelerating Your Algorithms: Considerations in Design, Algorithm Choice and Implementation

Tom RadcliffeNovember 2, 2017activepython, algorithms, data science, optimization, python
The pursuit of speed is one of the few constants in computing, and it is driven by two things: ever-increasing amounts of data, and limited hardware r...
Robust Algorithms for Machine Learning20170720141501

Robust Algorithms for Machine Learning

Tom RadcliffeJuly 20, 2017activepython, data analysis, data science, jupyter notebook, keras, pandas, python, robust algorithms, scipy
Machine learning is often held out as a magical solution to hard problems that will absolve us mere humans from ever having to actually learn anything...
Pandas: Framing the Data20170510111000

Pandas: Framing the Data

Tom RadcliffeMay 10, 2017activepython, pandas, pandas python, python, python pandas package
Data science, and numerical computing, in general, has a problem: the deep linear algebra libraries deal with pure numbers in vectors and matrices, bu...
Python vs. Ruby: Which is best for web development?20170427170000

Python vs. Ruby: Which is best for web development?

Tom RadcliffeApril 27, 2017activepython, activeruby, programming language, python, python v ruby, python vs ruby, ruby
Python and Ruby are among some of the most popular programming languages for developing websites, web-based apps, and web services. In many ways, the ...
Python and Tables for (Fairly) Big Data20170406170000

Python and Tables for (Fairly) Big Data

Tom RadcliffeApril 6, 2017activepython, big data, pytables, python
Big Data is big these days, as more and more companies dig into their servers to find out what makes their market tick. There is “big”, and then there...
Go for Object-Oriented Developers20170329170000

Go for Object-Oriented Developers

Tom RadcliffeMarch 29, 2017activego, duck typing, go, golang, methods, object-oriented, python, structs
Software design is about representation: how do we represent the solution to a problem in code that can be executed on the machine of our choice? How ...
Lua: Not Your Average Scripting Language20161122180000

Lua: Not Your Average Scripting Language

Tom RadcliffeNovember 22, 2016lua, lua history
Lua is not your average scripting language. It is small, fast, portable, and embeddable. These cornerstones of the language make it well-suited in man...
Tipping Point in Open Source Security20161019170000

Tipping Point in Open Source Security

Tom RadcliffeOctober 19, 2016activeperl, activepython, activetcl, open source, open source security
In the past couple of years we have seen some of the biggest security issues in open source, including Heartbleed, Shellshock, and POODLE. More recent...
Functional Python20161012170000

Functional Python

Tom RadcliffeOctober 12, 2016activepython, functional python, python, python function
Functional programming is a discipline, not a language feature. It is supported by a wide variety of languages, although those languages can make it m...