Komodo 6.1 – Better Projects and Much More20110202180622

Komodo 6.1 – Better Projects and Much More

troytFebruary 2, 2011django, komodo 6.1, komodo edit, komodo ide, projects
We released Komodo 6.1 today! As per Eric’s blog post of a few weeks ago, we’ve added a number of features that some of our Komodo 5 users...
Komodo’s Vi Emulation20110106205008

Komodo’s Vi Emulation

troytJanuary 6, 2011key bindings, komodo, modal
It feels like I’m making Todd do all the work these days. From the man who brought you Vi emulation in Komodo, here’s a screencast about V...
Komodo: Better JavaScript call-tips using JSDoc20101230224555

Komodo: Better JavaScript call-tips using JSDoc

troytDecember 30, 2010autocomplete, code intelligence, javascript, komodo, php
We’ve got some screencasts coming out in the new year, but to tide you over till then, here’s a short one Todd Whiteman made demonstrating...
4 Reasons I’m Thankful for Perl20101124213830

4 Reasons I’m Thankful for Perl

troytNovember 24, 2010activeperl, cpan, perl, ppm
Getting some programmers to come up with a list of things they are thankful for in their favorite programming language is like getting a recalcitrant ...
Places and Projects in Komodo 620101019230451

Places and Projects in Komodo 6

troytOctober 19, 2010fast open, komodo, komodo edit, komodo ide, places, projects
If you’re new to Komodo, you probably won’t know or care that the Project system has just undergone a huge change. The left sidebar now di...
Komodo IDE on a USB stick20100810214156

Komodo IDE on a USB stick

troytAugust 10, 2010komodo, komodo edit, komodo ide, support
I like it when a Komodo tech support email comes in that makes me think “Good question. I don’t know the answer. I bet we could make this ...
Massachusetts mandates data security sanity20100428193114

Massachusetts mandates data security sanity

troytApril 28, 2010compliance, data security, databases, encryption, information security, massachusetts law
Don’t panic. SQL Server magazine published “A New Law Could Change the Way You Build Database Applications” a few days ago which gives the initi...
The top ten list of productivity boosters for programmers20100316211448

The top ten list of productivity boosters for programmers

troytMarch 16, 2010coding, komodo edit, komodo ide, productivity, programming, stackoverflow
A very, very useful question came up on stackoverflow a couple of weeks ago:"As a programmer what single discovery has given you the greatest boost in...
No More Stale Lunches20100202170314

No More Stale Lunches

troytFebruary 2, 2010activeperl download, activepython download, activetcl download, perl, python
They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Well, ActiveState has been giving away ActivePerl, ActivePython and ActiveTcl builds for years, ...
“Moderately timely” vulnerability notifications20091202003228

“Moderately timely” vulnerability notifications

troytDecember 2, 2009activeperl, ppm
Secunia reported a "moderately critical" vulnerability in ActivePerl today. It alarmed us until we noticed that they were citing an old ActivePerl 5.1...