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Carey made the logical switch from snowboard instructing and treeplanting to the technology industry in 2009, taking database and network administration at Vancouver BC's BCIT college. Having started out on the technical support and QA team for ActiveState he now works on the Komodo development team as a front and backend software engineer.

  • Top 3 Features I’m Excited About with Komodo 11!
    Komodo 11

    We’re heading towards the end of year and I’m reflecting on what I’ve accomplished in 2017. A big part of my 2017 effort was on the recent release of Komodo 11. That got me thinking about my favourite features in Komodo 11. I’m still excited about them and have been using them a lot since the 11.0 release. I think users will love them too.

    The features are (listed in alphabetical order, I couldn’t like one more than the other!):

  • Customizing Komodo with the UI SDK
    Komodo User Interface (UI) SDK

    For the past ~3 years, we here on the Komodo Dev team have been gradually creating a new SDK for customizing and developing Komodo. As part of this process, we have also migrated legacy code into the new SDK to make it easier to access.

    This is a pretty exciting time to be a developer on the Komodo team as there is so much room for growth. If we need a new feature or ready access to some legacy code, we can often create a new SDK to fill that need.

  • Customize and Extend Komodo with Userscripts (Slack Edition)
    Slack Userscript

    Morning (or afternoon) all. Not too long ago I wrote an uncharacteristically long blog post about the Slack integration I had written for the Komodo 10.2.0 release. As I was writing the blog, and doing a bit of backtracking of the work I had done, I ended up finding the four userscripts I had written that ultimately became the full fledged feature, Slack Sharing in Komodo.

  • Slacking Off With Komodo

    As a relatively new developer, and a complete lightweight when compared to the rest of the Komodo development team, I find myself sharing snippets, errors and diffs for review quite often. Since I like to share (Mom and Dad taught me well), I thought it was important to make it easier to share in Komodo. At one point, a Komodo user was limited to using to do this, and only in limited areas of Komodo. In 10.2, we've extended Komodo to allow our users to share more easily and in more ways.

  • Live Remote File Editing: Komodo IDE + FTP

    Having "grown up" on Komodo IDE, I'm surprised by people who are themselves surprised that Komodo supports remote file editing and I'm not talking about syncing changes to a remote server (though we do that too). I'm talking about opening remote files and editing those files live on the server. You can even open a remote folder to access the files from your Places pane.

    Remote Places in Komodo

  • Komodo 10.1 Webinar - Q&A

    On September 8th, Nathan and myself (Carey) did a webinar on Komodo 10.1. We wanted to show off the new tutorial tool and the other great features we’d introduced in 10.1 and also provide an overview of Komodo X for those of you who’d missed the previous webcast.

    As usual, I’ve compiled all the questions that were asked during the presentation and documented them in this blog so that everyone can benefit from the answers. You can also view the webinar, in its entirety, here:

  • Carey in Cascadia(Fest)

    As none of you may know, I had the privilege of attending the CascadiaFest 2016 conference this year, the gathering of people working in software from the Cascade region in the North America as well as people from all over the world. The Cascades is basically that whole area in the Northwest corner of the map extending from British Columbia, Canada down to California that will be under water after "The Big One" shakes things up a bit.

  • Version Control Widget

    In Komodo's bottom pane there is a widget call Version Control. This tool is context driven and tries to include the most commonly used version control features into one easily accessed tool.

  • HotKey Conundrum

    As you may know by now (or maybe you don't, which is ok since I'm going to follow up by stating the fact anyway...), Komodo has been in development for over 15 years now. There is an incredible amount of functionality in Komodo that I myself am still learning about (having joined the dev team relatively recently). As each new feature was being added, it made sense to add a key binding to gives users quick access to it.

  • Go to Any Symbol With Komodo's New Symbol Browser

    As an IDE, one of the features that Komodo must have and must do well (IMO) is code intelligence. It MUST help you understand the code your working on more quickly (even if...ESPECIALLY IF it's yours).