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Nathan Rijksen is the Development Lead for Komodo IDE. He works adeptly with Mozilla, Python and JavaScript to ensure that Komodo IDE is the IDE of choice for development teams. Nathan has been working with Komodo IDE for a decade before joining the development team in 2012. Since then he has worked tirelessly on new features such as Commando, Breadcrumbs, a completely new UI and much more.

  • Komodo 11.1 is Here! LSP Support and Over 150 Improvements!
    ActiveState Komodo v.11.1 Released

    Komodo 11.1 is one of those updates that may not seem like much until you start using it. This update includes well over 150 bug fixes, quality of life improvements and one very interesting new feature: Language Server Protocol (LSP) support. For those unfamiliar, LSP is a protocol which facilitates editors to provide code intelligence. LSP does not provide any code intelligence itself, it just establishes the protocol to do so. You can now use Komodo to work with the many LSP solutions out there.

  • Komodo IDE 11.0.2 Released
    Komodo IDE 10.2.3 Released

    While we are hard at work on Komodo 11.1 we didn't want to keep you waiting for some vital fixes to bugs introduced since Komodo 11 was released. The theme for this release is mainly around CodeIntel 3.0 and its completions mechanic. Due to the large amount of changes in CodeIntel bugs are almost unavoidable, fortunately we are always around to address these as soon as possible.

    This release mainly addresses the following areas:

  • Komodo IDE 11.0.1 Released
    Komodo IDE 10.2.3 Released

    Today we have a nice big maintenance release for our Komodo users, fixing a variety of bugs and issues you've let us know about since 11.0.0. Some notable fixes include:

  • Komodo 11 Released: Revamped CodeIntel, Integration and More
    Komodo IDE 11

    After roughly a year of hard work, we’re happy to announce the next major iteration of Komodo IDE. There are so many changes in this release it’s hard to list them all. I would encourage everyone to check out our What’s New page and Download the 21-day full featured trial to get a sense for things. That said, I’d like to give a short overview of some of my favourite changes in this iteration of Komodo IDE.

  • 10 Reasons Why Komodo Isn't Your Average Editor
    10 Reasons Why Komodo

    If there is one thing I've noticed in my years of working on Komodo, it's that people are full of misconceptions about what it is. Some of it comes from it having been around for over 15 years, some of it comes from it being an IDE and all the "baggage" that comes with that terminology. I thought why not address some of these misconceptions in a fun and short blog summarizing some of the items that in, my eyes, need to get some time in the spotlight.

  • Komodo 10.2.3 Released - Freezing Issue Resolved
    Komodo IDE 10.2.3 Released

    MacOS 10.12.4 came with an interesting surprise for Komodo users, one that made Komodo randomly hang when running processes. Many of you reported this bug to us and helped us diagnose it over the weeks and months following the MacOS 10.12.4 release. Sadly this was just one of THOSE bugs. The kind that take months to diagnose properly and minutes to fix.

  • Addon Bootstrapper in Komodo
    Add On Boostrapper in Komodo

    As you may or may not know, Komodo is based on Mozilla, same as Firefox. You might even say Komodo is based on Firefox. As you may also know, Firefox has a very flexible addon system. In fact, there are very few areas of Firefox that you cannot customize with an Addon. People have written entire applications inside of Firefox, and entire applications have been written on top of Firefox's foundation--Thunderbird, Selenium, Postbox and of course Komodo, to name a few.

  • Komodo 10.2.2 Released
    Komodo IDE and Golang

    The Komodo team is hard at work on our next big update, but before we get to that we have another maintenance release to share with you. This release has some very significant improvements that enhance your quality of life with Komodo--not the least of which is a performance fix for typing speed, ensuring an enjoyable coding experience.

    In addition to the performance improvements this release also ensures full compatibility with our new ActiveGo Beta.

  • Unit Testing with Komodo IDE

    Unit Testing was one of the big changes we made to Komodo 10.2. This is a fresh iteration which supports more frameworks and gives you a lot of useful information when running unit tests.

    The frameworks supported include PHPUnit (PHP), pytest (Python), prove (Perl), Mocha (Node.js), RSpec (Ruby), Go or any frameworks that output in TAP or TeamCity compatible formatting.

    Enjoy the screencast or feel free to skim the summary below.

  • Komodo 10.2.1 Released

    Today we're releasing version 10.2.1 for Komodo IDE and Edit. This is a stability release, meaning it only seeks to address stability issues and UX bugs. It does not add any new functionality.

    Most notably, this release fixes the issue where formatters were no longer working, which was a regression in the 10.2.0 release.

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