Nathan Rijksen's Blogs

Nathan Rijksen is the Development Lead for Komodo IDE. He works adeptly with Mozilla, Python and JavaScript to ensure that Komodo IDE is the IDE of choice for development teams. Nathan has been working with Komodo IDE for a decade before joining the development team in 2012. Since then he has worked tirelessly on new features such as Commando, Breadcrumbs, a completely new UI and much more.

  • Komodo 9.0.1 Released, Many Fixes & Enhancements

    Less than a month after our awesome 9.0 release, we're following up with our first minor Komodo 9 release. This build contains important bug fixes and is a recommended update for all Komodo 9 users. We're committed to our software, so expect many more updates (both big and small) this year.

  • Logging Time in Komodo with WakaTime

    I'm sure many of our users use time tracking software on a daily basis, using all sorts of tools to get the job done. I myself am no stranger to the likes of Harvest, Freshbooks, and have usually used those tools in combination with some systray app that lets me quickly track time. For me the problem has always been that I tend to forget to start and stop my timers, I am way too ADD to be train myself to do this consistently.

  • Komodo IDE Personal is Here to Stay!

    Good news everyone!

    Since we introduced Komodo IDE Personal a few months ago as a limited time offer, we have received lots of great feedback. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that Komodo IDE Personal is here to stay, along with new upgrade and support options!

    If you're considering Komodo IDE for individual use, without a company reimbursing you, the Personal license gives you all the features of Komodo IDE at an affordable price.

  • Introducing

    Today we finally launched after having had it in soft-launch for about 2 weeks. is a new "service" for Komodo. Essentially it is a pastebin alternative with a bunch of little extras you likely wont find in other pastebin solutions. Namely you can;

  • Auto Toggle Panes

    Macro Monday - a new macro to dig into every Monday!

    I like to use Komodo without any panes or tabs showing - just the editor. Normally I would use keybindings to toggle the relevant panes when I need them but I wanted something more intuitive; so I wrote a macro.

    Whenever you want to use your panes you move your mouse towards them to perform an action, so I figured - why not toggle my panes automatically whenever I move my mouse towards them. That's exactly what the macro I wrote aims to do.

  • Building Komodo with Docker

    Today is another Monday, and another Monday means another Macro Monday blog post. Except I didn't prepare a macro because I was too busy getting my Komodo builds to work for the umptieth time. So instead I'm going to talk about just that; getting a Komodo build going and how I've "accidentally" been able to make it a lot easier, apologies if you were looking forward to another macro; I promise there'll be one next week!

  • Execute Snippet As PHP

    Macro Monday - a new macro to dig into every Monday!

    Often you might be editing a PHP script and you want to quickly execute a snippet of code to test it on it's own, or you might even want to simply use PHP to quickly perform some logic for you on the fly. It's with that in mind that I originally created this macro years ago. You simply write some code, select your code and execute the macro to run your code and see the results. If you have no code

  • Select Brace Contents

    Macro Monday - a new macro to dig into every Monday!

    Let's say you have the following snippet of html:

    <strong>This text is bold</strong>

    With this macro you can simply put your cursor anywhere within the node contents 'and execute the macro to select the contents of the node (ie. the text).