Shane Caraveo's Blogs

  • The best free XML Editor! has proclaimed that "Komodo Edit is hands down the best free XML editor available."  That's pretty cool, considering XML editing is one area we don't heavily talk about.   There are a lot of features that slide under the radar when you don't dig a little deeper.   One is that we support RelaxNG schema's and DTD files for adding autocompletion of XML dialects we don't support out-of-box.

  • Bonjour!

    Every now and again I spend a weekend day working needlessly on something I shouldn't.  Today that was the SD Connector.  SD Connector (released under MPL/GPL/LGPL) is an extension that works in Komodo and Firefox, providing a way to write simple socket services, both server side and client side.  The sample services include an echo server, a simple JavaScript shell (accessible via telnet) and a JSON rpc server.  They are in varying states of readiness, largely in

  • Komodo 4.4 and a Kitchen Sink

    Komodo 4.4 is out today!  Komodo does amazing things, practically a kitchen sink of tools, but hopefully a whole lot more portable.  There's a number of improvements, but my favorite is the new SCC commit dialog and the Change list panel.  We did a recent survey and found that 65% of visitors to feel that having a

  • jssh replacement? SD Connector

    Quite a long time ago I made much ado about Snapdragon, a project to integrate Firefox development tools (e.g.Firebug) with Komodo (or other editors/IDEs).  Unfortunately sometimes you bite off more than you can chew (the day is only 24 hours), but in the long term I still want to accomplish some integration.  There are a lot of cool dev tools and capabilities that area available for Firefox, I'd like to be able to use them through my favorite development environment.

  • Success is...

    So often in life, defining success is difficult. Is it 10 times ROI? Is it a shiny new bank account after an acquisition or IPO? (No, ActiveState is not at that stage, I'm just dreaming of my own Central American island.) Well, those are nice when they happen, but not as personally fulfilling as seeing users excited enough about the software you write that they make the effort to tell others, or contribute something to it.

  • Another day, another baby dragon born

    I'm always happy to announce the birth of a new version of Komodo!  4.4 Alpha 1 is up on our download servers.  You can find out the details on our community site and see my announcement in the forums.  There are some really nice enhancements for IDE, and we're focusing now on lots of smaller enhancements and fixes for both Edit and IDE.

  • Komodo does it all: Google App Engine

    So many API's, so little time.  From early on, one of our major goals with Komodo was to make it easily extensible from a variety of methods. We started with the toolbox, and added lots of little gadgets to allow our users as much flexibility as possible. This includes macro's (in JavaScript or Python) with full access to our code, templates, run commands and more.  We eventually expanded into using the extension mechanism that is in Firefox and other Mozilla-based applications. The premise was, and still is, we cannot be a "do all, be all" organization.

  • A new face for bugzilla at ActiveState

    Ages ago ActiveState started using bugzilla, but there was on primary problem with it.  The usability and appearance was not what we considered to be polished.  Yes, I'm being polite.  At the time, we forked our own copy of bugzilla, had many patches to it to make it nice, add some features we wanted, etc.  The problem with that: we could never update to a more recent bugzilla withou

  • XULRunner + PyXPCOM

    I wrote this to the PyXPCOM list, but then thought I'd blog it for those who don't read that list:

    A while back we open sourced the bulk of Komodo Edit, which includes our build system for Mozilla, which builds and handles lots of edge cases with PyXPCOM, including a series of patches we have to build, fix or add functionality.  Komodo uses this build system and these patches, and has proven to be stable with PyXPCOM over a long period.

  • Call to Firefox extension developers

    Mark Finkle has been making a call out to extension developers to update their extensions for Firefox 3.  His call, and some recent extensions that have been made to work on Komodo made me realize I should do the same call for Komodo.  There are a lot of developer related extensions for Firefox that could be made to work with Komodo as well.  In fact, for some of them, it may well make more sense for them to be plugged into a development environment like Komodo rather than directly