Komodo 6.0 RC 1: More Stable, Places UI Love

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We (ActiveState) released Komodo 6.0 RC 1 today and we want your feedback. If you are using beta 3 from about a month ago you can update via Komodo’s Help > Check for Updates… menu entry. If you are a current Komodo IDE 5 or Komodo Edit 5 user; in the market for a new Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Tcl, XML, HTML, CSS IDE or editor; interested in hacking on an open source editor; or just curious please download the release candidate.
Read some of the details below and tell us how you really feel:

What’s New in RC 1?

  • Project changes
    • projects are now accessible through the places panel
    • project tools are now merged into the main toolbox
    • codeintel and fast open utilize the open project
  • Menu changes
    • the Komodo menus have been tweaked
    • provides better functionality grouping and consistency
  • Side panes
    • left pane now uses a vertical tab layout
    • customize the layout through the Appearance prefs
  • Places
    • fixed a number of CPU performance issues
  • International keyboard and IME improvements
  • Stability improvements on all platforms

What’s New in Komodo 6?

A lot. HTML 5 autocomplete. CSS 3 autocomplete. Full Python 3 support (debugging, syntax checking, autocomplete, code browsing). A new Database Explorer tool for quickly exploring SQL databases (SQLite out of the box and extensions for MySQL and Oracle, with plans for Postgres). A new project system called “Places” that adds a file system browser (local and remote). New publishing support for syncing a directory with a remote machine. Additions to Komodo’s Hyperlinks for quickly navigating to file references. Added support for PHP, Perl, Ruby and JavaScript regular expression debugging with Komodo’s excellent Rx tool. See the Komodo 6.0 Features post for a full outline.

Your feedback please

We’re hoping that a Komodo 6 final release is not too far away now. We’d love to have your input on how we can polish and improve on the above work and how we can make Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit tools that help you get your coding work done faster. Please subscribe to this blog or follow @activestate on twitter for coming posts that go into detail on what’s coming and new in Komodo 6. And please give us your feedback. Enjoy.

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