Komodo Quick Bookmarks

Komodo’s quick bookmarks are a logical extension of the existing bookmarks. They were implemented, once again, with our users’ speed and concentration in mind. They allow you to very quickly navigate to and from points of interest in your code.
To use Komodo’s Quick Bookmarks you simply need to set one at a line of code you need to reference for later. Use the default key binding (ctrl + shift + [0-9]) or right mouse click context menu in the editing area.
When you want to jump back to this location again at a later time use the default key binding (ctrl + [0-9]) or the right click context menu in the editing area. You may note that there is no Go-to option for all the bookmarks. This is by design; they are not shown until they are set which saves you from cluttered menus.
I use quick bookmarks on a daily basis while either tracking down reported bugs or researching a new feature that works on top of an existing feature in Komodo (like when I was writing Quick Bookmarks) and you should to.

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