Case Study: Lua Debugging in Komodo20160810000000

Case Study: Lua Debugging in Komodo

mitchellbAugust 10, 2016, , , ,
I had thoughts about trying something crazy with Komodo…so when ActiveState held its annual hackathon I saw it as a great opportunity for me to ...
What’s Robust and Worry-Free?20080620174508

What’s Robust and Worry-Free?

Kendra PenroseJune 20, 2008
ActivePerl for the Enterprise, of course! Find out how Finisar was able to focus on their own products and let ActiveState worry about maintaining the...
Numara Software Success Story20080528172407

Numara Software Success Story

Kendra PenroseMay 28, 2008
“The code is solid and the quality is extremely high. We’re a very happy ActiveState customer.” – Mark Krieger, VP of Product ...