Komodo 10.2.2 Released20170504180000

Komodo 10.2.2 Released

The Komodo team is hard at work on our next big update, but before we get to that we have another maintenance release to share with you. This release ...
Komodo IDE 10.1.2 Released20161124165944

Komodo IDE 10.1.2 Released

Nathan RijksenNovember 24, 2016, , ,
Update: December 5th Unfortunately 10.1.2 introduced a small bug with frustrating consequences. We have released version 10.1.3 to address this. This ...
Komodo 10.1.1 Released20160906000000

Komodo 10.1.1 Released

Nathan RijksenSeptember 6, 2016, , , ,
Hope everyone is enjoying the changes in 10.1! Virtually the only “real” bug we’ve seen reported by users was the issue where “...
Komodo X: Features and Fairings20160517180000

Komodo X: Features and Fairings

The latest release of Komodo IDE has a lot of exciting features: notably remote Chrome debugging, greatly improved support for JavaScript frameworks l...
Help Us Test Komodo IDE 10 and We’ll Give You $5020160422000000

Help Us Test Komodo IDE 10 and We’ll Give You $50

Nathan RijksenApril 22, 2016, , , ,
As you may have heard, we released our Komodo 10 alpha last week so the community can help us run it through its paces. We’ve already received a...
Komodo 10 Alpha Pre-release Now Available20160412000000

Komodo 10 Alpha Pre-release Now Available

Nathan RijksenApril 12, 2016, , , , ,
Releasing an alpha/beta of your product is like showing everyone your new baby. Everyone is excited, but he's still very fragile, and you're scared so...