Welcome Back, Classic Projects20101221224951

Welcome Back, Classic Projects

Eric PromislowDecember 21, 2010,
Last week we released a nightly build of Komodo that has restored much of the project functionality from version 5. Over the last few months, we’...
Rx 2.0 for Komodo 6.020101102221603

Rx 2.0 for Komodo 6.0

Komodo’s Rx Toolkit is a debugger for pattern-matching. It lets you tweak patterns (or regular expressions, also known as “regexes”,...
The Top 6 Features in Komodo 620101020224915

The Top 6 Features in Komodo 6

Sheila LouisOctober 20, 2010, , ,
On October 7th we announced the release of Komodo 6. Since then, we’ve had lots of great questions about the new features.  So, what *is* n...