Good Things Come in Managed Packages20170516170432

Good Things Come in Managed Packages

Jeff RouseMay 16, 2017activego, activelua, activenode, activeperl, activepython, activetcl, ActuveRuby, godep, golang, lua, LuaRocks, node, nodejs, npm, package management, package manager, perl, pip, ppm, pypi, pypm, python, ruby
Package management is a significant issue in every programming language and the number of packages associated with each language is astonishing. Pytho...
Node and The Open Source Languages Company20161129180000

Node and The Open Source Languages Company

Sheila LouisNovember 29, 2016activenode, node, node.js, nodejs, sheila
It’s been almost a month since we announced our plans to be “The Open Source Languages Company” and add four new language distributions to our stack. ...
Node.js support in Komodo 7 Alpha 320110623225739

Node.js support in Komodo 7 Alpha 3

troytJune 23, 2011autocomplete, debugging, javascript, komodo, komodo edit, komodo ide, node, node.js
After months of hearing the question “When are you adding Node.js support to Komodo?” I’m very pleased to announce that Node.js auto...
The secrets of Node’s success20110609174707

The secrets of Node’s success

Kendra PenroseJune 9, 2011node, o'reilly
What’s all that twitter fuss about Node you ask? Well, our very own Troy Topnik wrote a “Smart and technically literate history of Node.js...