Perl Dev Kit (PDK) is Now End of Life20200220104403

Perl Dev Kit (PDK) is Now End of Life

Dana CraneFebruary 20, 2020EOL, pdk, perl dev kit
ActiveState’s Perl Dev Kit (PDK) and ActivePerl Pro Studio have been providing the Perl community with essential tools for decades, but will soon be E...
Back to Work: End of Summer Savings20160830182003

Back to Work: End of Summer Savings

Sheila LouisAugust 30, 2016BTW50, komodo sale, pdk, perl dev kit
We know how hard the end of summer can be—it marks the end of weekends at the lake, visiting friends and family, long roadtrips, and adventure. To sof...
Perl Dev Kit 9.5 Released20160121170000

Perl Dev Kit 9.5 Released

Tom RadcliffeJanuary 21, 2016activeperl, pdk, PDK 9, PDK 9.5, perl dev kit
I’m very happy to announce that we have released Perl Dev Kit (PDK) 9.5. PDK provides developers with essential tools for building and deploying...
w00t! It’s PDK 7.3!20081003143057

w00t! It’s PDK 7.3!

erin-williamsOctober 3, 2008perl dev kit
Maybe better than loot, Perl Dev Kit 7.3 is now available. Why so good? ‘Cause there are bug fixes and improvements that’ll make your day....
Perl Dev Kit gets ActivePerl 5.10 support20080207021324

Perl Dev Kit gets ActivePerl 5.10 support

Jeff HobbsFebruary 7, 2008perl dev kit
ActiveState updated Perl Dev Kit (PDK) to 7.1, to add support for Perl 5.10 (in addition to the 5.6 and 5.8 support). PDK is the essential tool suite ...