How to Build a Digital Virtual Assistant in Python20200109131456

How to Build a Digital Virtual Assistant in Python

This tutorial will walk you through the basics of building your own digital virtual assistant in Python, complete with voice activation plus response ...
Python Environment Variables vs Secrets20200102095608

Python Environment Variables vs Secrets

Zachary FlowerJanuary 2, 2020, , ,
Environment variables are excellent for managing environmental configurations, but they're not inherently secure. Per environment passwords, API keys...
Top 10 Python Packages20191224104046

Top 10 Python Packages

Dante SblendorioDecember 24, 2019, , ,
Here are the top 10 Python packages critical to improving your programming experience, and which will immediately let you become a more efficient and ...
How to Build a CI/CD Pipeline for Python20191219095452

How to Build a CI/CD Pipeline for Python

DevOps professionals have a bag of tricks to make CI/CD work. But those tricks create a schism between dev and test environments, causing the “works o...
How To Build a Recommendation Engine in Python20191212131324

How To Build a Recommendation Engine in Python

Scott FitzpatrickDecember 12, 2019, ,
This tutorial will teach you how to build a simple recommendation engine using Python by analyzing data from previous purchases to help identify items...
How to Convert .py to .exe20191205141431

How to Convert .py to .exe

Alison ForsterDecember 5, 2019, , , ,
How can you distribute your Python code to users who expect to simply click on an executable file? This blog compares two of the most popular options:...
How to Manage Threads in Python20191128140731

How to Manage Threads in Python

Swaathi KakarlaNovember 28, 2019, , , ,
Multithreading, multiprocessing and queues can be a great way to speed up Python performance. This blog post can help you understand the differences, ...
Python’s Built-in Packages & Functions20191121095902

Python’s Built-in Packages & Functions

This post explores Python's built-in packages and functions that simplify adoption, increase developer productivity and promote code consistency....
Comparing Decision Tree Algorithms: Random Forest vs. XGBoost20190814131732

Comparing Decision Tree Algorithms: Random Forest vs. XGBoost

Dante SblendorioAugust 14, 2019, , ,
Random Forest and XGBoost are two popular decision tree algorithms for machine learning. In this post I’ll take a look at how they each work, compare ...
State Tool Eliminates the Readme20190725103904

State Tool Eliminates the Readme

ActiveState's new Command Line Interface (CLI) for the ActiveState Platform, the State Tool, lets you reduce the setup of your dev and test systems to...