Python and Tables for (Fairly) Big Data20170406170000

Python and Tables for (Fairly) Big Data

Tom RadcliffeApril 6, 2017, , ,
Big Data is big these days, as more and more companies dig into their servers to find out what makes their market tick. There is “big”, and then there...
Our Biggest ActivePython Release EVER20170404170000

Our Biggest ActivePython Release EVER

Today is a great day for ActivePython users. We’ve just included another 200 packages in our distribution making it the most comprehensive relea...
Go for Object-Oriented Developers20170329170000

Go for Object-Oriented Developers

Tom RadcliffeMarch 29, 2017, , , , , , ,
Software design is about representation: how do we represent the solution to a problem in code that can be executed on the machine of our choice? How ...
ActivePython 3.5.3 Release20170216182613

ActivePython 3.5.3 Release

The Python releases have come at a very steady pace over the last two months, consistently moving the language ahead. Recently, the Python Software Fo...
ActivePython 3.6 Release20170130175648

ActivePython 3.6 Release

To wrap up a very busy 2016 in the Python world, the Python Software Foundation produced the first release in a new series, and the largest release in...
Python 2 vs Python 3: It’s Different This Time20170126214535

Python 2 vs Python 3: It’s Different This Time

A difficult decision for any Python team is whether to move from Python 2 and into Python 3. Although this is not a new decision for Python developmen...
Top 10 Blogs from 201620161228060000

Top 10 Blogs from 2016

Navrup JohalDecember 28, 2016, ,
It’s my favourite blog of the year – where I list the articles I found the most memorable, interesting, and educational from 2016 (in my humble ...
Functional Python20161012170000

Functional Python

Tom RadcliffeOctober 12, 2016, , ,
Functional programming is a discipline, not a language feature. It is supported by a wide variety of languages, although those languages can make it m...
ActiveState 2016 Open Source Survey20160929170000

ActiveState 2016 Open Source Survey

We had a tremendous response to our first open source survey and on behalf of ActiveState I’d like to thank the 867 people who gave their time and tho...
Python vs C or C ++ in Embedded Systems20160901210321

Python vs C or C ++ in Embedded Systems

Python vs C or C ++ - which programming language is better for embedded programming?The C/C++ programming languages dominate embedded systems programm...