Text Manipulation with Perl (Pre-built Runtime)20190711090039

Text Manipulation with Perl (Pre-built Runtime)

Dana CraneJuly 11, 2019, , ,
Perl has often been called the swiss army knife of scripting languages, but one of the most common use cases is string manipulation. After all, it’s r...
Python vs C++ for Text Processing20171115140311

Python vs C++ for Text Processing

Tom RadcliffeNovember 15, 2017, , , , , ,
Text will always be a major format for data and it will never be well-organized. According to Phil Karlton’s famous joke, the two hard problems in com...
Becoming a Regex Wizard with Komodo IDE’s Rx Toolkit20161019000000

Becoming a Regex Wizard with Komodo IDE’s Rx Toolkit

mitchellbOctober 19, 2016, , ,
Quick! Write a regular expression that matches an unbroken sequence of alphanumeric characters and underscores, but does not start with a digit. Whoa,...
What’s speed got to do with it?20160809170000

What’s speed got to do with it?

Tom RadcliffeAugust 9, 2016, , , , , ,
“Interpreted languages are slow” is a common myth. Interpreted languages provide an increase in development speed but trade it off for a decrease in r...
Rx 2.0 for Komodo 6.020101102221603

Rx 2.0 for Komodo 6.0

Komodo’s Rx Toolkit is a debugger for pattern-matching. It lets you tweak patterns (or regular expressions, also known as “regexes”,...