We’re introducing a whole new way to work with Python from ActiveState. Rather than a monolithic ActivePython distribution, our Python 3.9 release lets you:

  • Manage packages with a single toolchain for both Windows and Linux — reduce tool maintenance overhead
  • Deploy into a virtual environment by default (simpler than venv) — run multiple versions of Python without dependency conflicts
  • Automatically build dependencies from source in parallel, including linked C libraries — faster, more secure Python builds

python3.9 beta


Unlike ActivePython, our Python 3.9 provides:

  • A much smaller footprint — just the language and the packages you need to get started
  • Standard licensing — all the packages you install have just their original licensing
  • Command line installation — automated installation with a single line of code

Ready to try it out?

Problems? Questions? Create a post in the ActiveState Community Forums and let us know.

Juan Piñuela