Custom Perl Built for Enterprises

Self-serve custom runtimes of Perl and other open source languages automatically built from pre-vetted and known-good packages.

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Get your Perl and Python applications to market faster with the ActiveState Platform.

Trusted by Industry Leaders Worldwide

“We chose ActiveState because it was the only firm that could provide on-demand, customized versions of (our) programming language. We gain speed, flexibility and engineering time, plus can better manage the risk of products running on open source with a uniform and consistent approach.”

– Raj Behera, Vice President, Development Engineering, MSC Software

Code More, Slog Less

Give developers the freedom to innovate by removing the low-value work of managing Perl dependencies and retrofitting components.

Enforce Code Consistency

Deploy consistent and reproducible runtimes across dev, test and production systems, eliminating “works on my machine” issues.

Priority Support

Keep your IP out of public forums and get more reliable support with guaranteed response times.

centralized visibility and control

Reduce Security Risks

Address risks proactively with pre-verified modules and reports of known CVE’s and out-of-date versions.

Reduce Legal Exposure

Ensure compliance with open source policies by using properly licensed modules, and protect against lawsuits with IP indemnification.

Centralized Visibility and Control

See a Bill of Materials of all packages in each runtime, with change history and the ability to revert to previous versions.

Speed Up Perl Application Development

ActiveState Platform - Customize Perl with the packages you need

For years, enterprises have sped up application development with ActivePerl, our pre-built Perl distribution containing the modules needed for their projects.

Now we’re making the process self-serve with the ActiveState Platform. Simply choose the modules and operating systems you require, and we automatically resolve dependency conflicts and compile the runtime from source (including linked C libraries), giving you a custom Perl runtime on-demand.

Learn more about our plans for supporting Perl development:

Modernizing ActivePerl for Power Users

Perl 7 – How to Start Preparing to Make the Transition

The Future of Perl at ActiveState – Part 1

Increase Productivity, Reduce Risk and Get Applications to Market Faster

Our vision for the ActiveState Platform is to give you the freedom to innovate with Perl and other open source languages along with the centralized visibility and control you need to mitigate risk.

For Dev Teams

Stop wasting time on the underlying plumbing and get right to coding. Replace manual README files with ready-to-deploy runtimes that plug into your CI/CD chain, so you can focus on shipping software faster.

For Security and Licensing

Reduce your reliance on scanner reports. Assess security and licensing risks upfront and reduce remediation costs later on, with compliant runtimes that minimize your attack surface and legal risk.

Many of your developers may already be using the ActiveState Platform to build custom Perl runtimes.

Want to find out? Schedule a demo and we can discuss your Perl use case.

Note: While the Platform is currently in beta, we can help you build your runtime with our in-house expertise.

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Featured Perl Runtimes

This video demonstrates how to use Activestate Platform’s CLI interface to install Perl environments, using two web frameworks, Mojolicious and Dancer as examples.

Find out what’s out now, coming up next or on the horizon based on our enterprise customer feedback.

We’ve already used the Platform to create pre-built runtimes for popular Perl use cases such as web dev, testing and text processing.