ActivePerl: End-to-End Development Solutions

ActivePerl is the industry-standard, enterprise-level Perl distribution, offering a simple, standard way to distribute more than 4,500 pre-verified, patched and license-checked modules to all your teams.

ActiveTcl: Leading Tcl Distribution

ActiveTcl is the industry-standard, enterprise-level Tcl distribution, offering worry-free implementation and significant time savings for installing, removing, upgrading and managing common Tcl modules.

For enterprises concerned with security, performance, and getting products to market faster, embedded applications are the right solution. ActiveState’s OEM products provide the features and functionality...

Komodo for Teams Datasheet

Komodo IDE can be used by teams and in pair programming to easily share and work on the same code&mash; see what your colleagues are working on, apply coding standards, and more with the powerful collaboration tool and more...