Enterprise Python Without Enterprise Headaches

Python’s great, but it’s complicated to use in enterprises. It’s not the code. It’s the overhead. License reviews. Compiler flags. Compliance. Security. Cross-platform bugs. Dependency conflicts. And on and on.

We’ve built one platform to make the pain go away. And not just for Python. We’re building it for every Open Source language starting with Python, Perl, and Tcl.

ActiveState Open Source Languages Automation platform

Trusted by Developers, Proven for the Enterprise

DXC Technology ActiveState

Enterprise Build Solutions for Open Source Languages

Languages, operating systems, packages, and dependencies continually change, and – even if they don’t change – new vulnerabilities and bugs mean that you’re always in maintenance mode. Let our experts manage the complexity for you. We’ve got 20+ years of building and managing custom open source language distributions for hundreds of large enterprises. We can:

  • Ensure your builds can be built with your specific options.
  • Provide security and compliance reports for your builds.
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  • Help you understand your build’s OEM and indemnification options.