Comply With Executive Order 14028

Secure Your Software Supply Chain With New Cybersecurity Standards

As a US government software supplier, you need to comply with the secure software supply chain requirements put forth in Executive Order 14028. ActiveState can help you get onside quickly and easily, saving you time and effort by providing:

  • Programmatically generated Software Attestations for all the components in your software supply chain, including open source binary libraries.
  • Programmatically generated SBOMs that include not only dependencies and transitive dependencies, but also native libraries.
  • A SLSA-compliant build service that ensures your open source software artifacts comply with Secure Software Development standards.

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ActiveState understands that the security and integrity of your software is only as strong as the weakest link in your supply chain. For modern software developers, that means:

Securing the open source software you import, build and use to create your application. But for your customers, that means providing them with the ability to independently validate the security and integrity of your applications.

That’s why we are creating our comprehensive 5 Step Guide For A Secure Software Supply Chain specifically for government software vendors who need to ensure their products meet rigorous standards for security, integrity and compliance.

This eBook will cover:

  • The entire journey from the forces driving the astonishing rise in supply chain attacks to complying with EO 14028
  • The tools, best practices, governance and “preventive medicine” you can use to generate compliant software
  • How to go from Complete Anarchy to Verified Safety, and beyond to ensure that your builds meet the security and integrity requirements demanded by US government regulations.

Whether you’re new to the demands of secure software development, or looking to improve your current processes, our guide has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource – leave your email and get an early copy of our ebook and take the first step towards improving the security and integrity of your software products.