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Check out the latest Platform features and our updates to Python, Perl, Ruby, and Tcl.

Package and language version updates | ActiveState Platform Roadmap

Perl 5.36 - What's New

Perl 5.36

June 2022All Tiers

Perl 5.36 features a number of core enhancements, as well as new diagnostics and performance improvements.

See Perldelta for more information and visit your ActiveState Platform account to update your projects.

Artifactory Integration What's New

Artifactory Integration

March 2022All Tiers

ActiveState's JFrog Artifactory integration is now live and ready to help you automatically populate Artifactory with trustworthy, up-to-date open source packages in the ActiveState Platform.

Learn more here.

MacOS Support What's New

Expanded MacOS Support

March 2022All Tiers

Python 3.9+ and Perl 5.32+ are now supported for MacOS on the ActiveState Platform.

Log in to the Platform here.

Bye Bye CE whats new update graphic

Community Editions Being Replaced By ActiveState Platform

August 2021All Tiers

ActiveState’s Community Edition (CE) language distributions (ActivePython, ActivePerl and ActiveTcl) are being phased out. These kinds of global installers will soon be available only to our Enterprise users. Instead, ActiveState is replacing them with the ActiveState Platform ecosystem, which provides users with a secure open source supply chain and advanced package management capabilities.

This blog explains why and this webinar goes over the Platform's features.

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Identify & Resolve Security Vulnerabilities Faster

June 2021All Tiers

Shorten the lengthy remediation process of investigating, rebuilding, retesting and updating runtime environments. The ActiveState Platform lets you find, fix and automatically rebuild a secure version of your Python, Perl and Tcl environments in minutes, decreasing Mean Time To Remediation (MTTR) from days to hours.

Read How To Remediate Your Open Source Vulnerabilities Quicker or watch a demonstration.

CVE Beta

CLI-Enabled Security/CVE Reports

March 2021Business Tier, Enterprise Tier

View the number and severity of vulnerabilities in your Python or Perl projects at a glance, or access a detailed report using the State Tool by running state cve.

See how it works.

CLI enabled security cve reports beta

Perl 5.32.1 Update Image

Perl 5.32.1 Now Available

February 2021All Tiers
ActiveState has released Perl 5.32.1 which includes memory leak fixes for Data::Dumper, as well as upgrades to DynaLoader, Module::CoreList, Opcode and Safe. This release also includes warnings about evaluating untrusted code with the perl interpreter. Create a Perl 5.32.1 runtime environment for your project by selecting “Custom Perl Build”.

Security cve reports via api v2

Security/CVE Reports via API

January 2021All Tiers
Our Build Graph API provides a programmatic interface to the ActiveState Platform you can query to quickly obtain details about your Python or Perl project, as well as access the source code for dependencies in your environment. It will now also provide you with:

  • Number and severity level of all vulnerabilities in your environment
  • Group dependencies by level of vulnerability

The simplest way to check your environment for vulnerabilities is by using our interactive documentation. See how to view vulnerabilities with our Platform.

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Proactively ensure security of your Python or Perl projects with on-demand security reports.