Datasheet: Which Pricing Plan Is Right for Me?

Datasheet: Which ActiveState Pricing Plan Is Right for Me

Which Pricing Plan Is Right for Me?

The ActiveState Platform automatically builds open source language packages securely from source code. Learn the differences between Free, Team and Enterprise plans, including access to our Build Gurus to manage your Python, Perl, Tcl or Ruby environments for you.
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The ActiveState Platform automatically builds open source language packages securely from source code, offering organizations a better way to work with third-party code that is:

  • Far more cost effective than building packages from source yourself
  • Far less risky than importing prebuilt packages from open source repositories

In general, the more developers you have, and the more they work with open source languages, the more you can benefit from an ActiveState Platform subscription.

Choose the plan that fits the needs and size of your organization:

$0 $84/Month Custom Pricing
Projects support Windows, Linux or macOS ← All Free features, plus: ← All Team features, plus:
Vetted packages Multi-OS projects Downloadable security reports
Hermetic build environments Branches Python compiled artifact repository
CVE notifications and remediation Private projects SBOM (Software Bill of Materials)
Latest language versions Older language versions Phone support + SLAs
Community forums Role-based access control (RBAC) Redistributable offline installers
Chat and email support



Ideal for a Single Coder – Go from prototype to production with a runtime environment tailored to your project’s requirements.

Use Cases:

Code Securely From Line 1

  • Tamper-proof build service securely compiles open source packages from source code (including linked C libraries) so you can start coding securely.

Revert Corrupted Environments

  • Create snapshots of all your runtime modifications so you can restore previous environments with ease.

Eliminate Dependency Hell

  • Automatically resolve all dependencies, flag conflicts and manually work around them with instructions provided by the system.

Find & Fix Vulnerabilities Faster

  • Status updates show when a package in your runtime becomes vulnerable, allowing you to select a secure version and update your environment in minutes.

Gain Community Support

  • Monitored community forums provide practical solutions to issues.


Ideal for Small Teams or Business Units – Collaborate more effectively with a central source of truth for your runtime environment that all stakeholders—from Developers to QA to DevOps to Security and Ops—can interact with.

Use Cases:

Build Once for All Platforms

  • Modern development teams work on their OS of choice. Configure your runtime environment once and automatically build it from source code for all of them.

Eliminate “Works On My Machine” Issues

  • A single, central source of truth for your team’s runtime environment means everyone works with the exact same environment configuration.

Ensure Reproducible Environments

  • Branch and inherit environment configurations, programmatically ensuring reproducibility across development, test, CI/CD and production environments.

Collaborate & Control

  • Create multiple organizations (i.e. one per team), and designate which users are able to create, modify, or only deploy runtime environments.

Gain Commercial Support

  • Timely solutions to issues provided 9-5, Monday to Friday, via chat and email.


Ideal for Large Organizations – Manage all your projects in a central location, or let ActiveState manage them for you. Special requirements? Our expert engineers can help, even if you’re working with EOL languages.

Use Cases:

Integrate Open Source Security

  • GraphQL API allows you to programmatically generate a vulnerability report and a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for all of your runtime components.

OEM Licensing

  • Redistribute an ActiveState runtime environment with your application, simplifying installation and troubleshooting.

Extended Support for EOL Languages

  • Gain security fixes for open source languages that are no longer supported by the community, like Python 2.


  • Mitigate the risk of IP infringement lawsuits against the ActiveState runtime environment used by your application.

Gain SLA-Backed Support

  • Timely solutions to issues provided via phone, chat and email.

Dependency Vendoring

  • Outsource your dependency management tasks to ActiveState and let our Build Gurus manage your Perl, Python, Tcl, or Ruby runtime environment for you.

Learn more about our pricing options.


Datasheet: Which ActiveState Pricing Plan Is Right for Me

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