COVID-19 Business Impact: Pivoting faster with ActivePython

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We’ve been building Python since 1999. Since then millions of enterprise developers worldwide have downloaded and deployed ActivePython, our commercial offering for Python.

Today, more businesses are being disrupted than ever before, forcing them to innovate or die. While Python is at the forefront of innovation in the machine learning space, with the COVID pandemic outbreak, Python expressiveness and rich standard libraries can help you rapidly develop the kinds of solutions businesses need to ride this change.

This Datasheet shows how ActivePython can help businesses gain speed, flexibility, and better risk management, while avoiding the pitfalls that can impact time to market.


Recovering from the business impact of COVID-19 with ActiveState’s help

Whether you’re doing web application development, data analysis, machine learning, or cybersecurity, ActiveState can help you do it in a faster and more securely. And we can free up your resources from having to manage their runtime environments so they can focus on coding new features instead.

Get in touch with us about your unique situation, and give us a chance to show you how we can help turn it around. When you can build your open source language distribution in minutes, not months, and keep your open source language distributions up to date and consistent across teams at scale, pivoting from disruptions like COVID-19 will be faster and easier.

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