Embedded vs Wrapped Applications

For enterprises concerned with security, performance, and getting products to market faster, embedded applications are the right solution. ActiveState’s OEM products provide the features and functionality.
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Benefits Of Embedded Applications

Embedded applications are the most secure, stable, and convenient way to distribute your applications. The OEM version of ActivePerl, ActivePython, or ActiveTcl enables enterprises to quickly and safely create embedded or wrapped.

Embedded Wrapped
Application Performance Embedded applications have a performance advantage because there are fewer layers to deal with. Less time wrapping and unwrapping means everything moves faster. Very slow at startup – a great deal of time spent unwrapping the file so that it can run more moving parts with wrapped apps – this leads to more crashes and slower performance.
Editing And Maintaining Applications Since the code is available and visible, whether developing or testing, changes are much easier and faster. Changes take much longer since each change requires wrapping and testing which takes a lot of time.
Security Easier to find and fix security issues. Never have false positives from antivirus software on embedded apps. Many of same techniques used to wrap files are used by viruses which can lead to mistaken identity. Frequent false positives from antivirus software with wrapped apps, which may result in the application being prevented from running.
Troubleshooting Since the code is visible, can easily see where issues are and fix them. Wrapped applications make it difficult for users to see what’s going on and harder to debug since the code is hidden. No way to turn on debugging at the interpreter level in a wrapped app.
Customization A lot more potential to customize: custom modules or even a custom interpreter can easily be incorporated. Very limited due to complexity of wrapping process imposing strict constraints on the interpreter.
Middleware Usage Embedded apps can be used as middleware. Wrapped software is much harder to work with other pieces of software. Poor use as middleware, not good for interacting with databases or web apps.
Technical Limitations Embedded apps tend to be more integrated with systems and work more efficiently with fewer issues. Wrapped apps depend on the efficacy of their environment. If the app operates in a way the OS does not expect, it may be watched, interfered with or shutdown.
Efficiency Do not need to wrap applications separately to sell or distribute the same basic software to two different customers – config files will suffice. Potential for greater productivity and efficiency. Takes quite a bit of time and effort to wrap app.
Developmental Support Much better support available for embedding applications. There is no advanced suipport with wrapped app tool kit.
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ActiveState’s OEM Solutions Are The Answer

For enterprises concerned with security, performance, and getting products to market faster, embedded applications are the right solution. ActiveState’s OEM products provide the features and functionality needed to successfully create embedded or wrapped applications and distribute them quickly and efficiently.

Large corporations such as Cisco, VMware, and Lockheed Martin rely on our languages in their products to provide the quality and reliable products that their customers demand. If you need a scripting language to power your applications and redistribute Python, Perl or Tcl with your products, then the OEM version of ActivePerl or ActiveTcl is the answer for you.
Also including turnkey redistribution rights for ActivePerl, ActivePython and ActiveTcl, options for legal indemnficiation, and warranty of no GNU GPL licensing, our OEM customers can use dynamic languages with confidence, knowing that they have access to on-demand, guaranteed support.

The ability to create embedded or wrapped applications is available through the OEM versions of ActivePython, ActivePerl or ActiveTcl. Please contact us to learn more.