ci cd survey results

State of CI/CD 2020 Survey Results

Get the results from ActiveState's CI/CD survey to gain insight into the state of CI/CD, and understand how it compares to your own practices.

Tkinter Cheat Sheet

Tkinter Cheatsheet: Tips and Tricks to Create Your User Interface

Tkinter Cheatsheet to learn widget creation, positioning and image placement for your application's user interface.

secure and derisk open source

Data Sheet: Securing Your Open Source Supply Chain

Is your application relying heavily on open source? Here's how to better manage and de-risk your Python, Perl & Tcl open source supply chain.

datasheet for coders - package management

Data Sheet for Coders: Advanced Package Management

Understand how coders can use the ActiveState Platform for package management and solve 'dependency hell' & corrupted environments.

enterprise solutions for open source software

Infographic: Open Source Software Licenses Explained

This infographic shows the essentials of Machine Learning that matter to every Python beginner. Click to download the machine learning executive guide for free!

ActivePython vs Anaconda - advantages

ActivePython vs Anaconda: The ActiveState Advantage for Anaconda Users

Comparision Sheet explaining ActivePython vs Anaconda - The same capabilities, but with more flexibility, less hassle and lower cost.

Python cheatsheet machine learning

Python Cheatsheet for Machine Learning: Clever Tips and Tricks

Python Cheatsheet to learn clever machine learning tricks for predictive analysis, Scikit-Learn, Jupyter notebooks, data visualization and Pandas.

ActiveState’s Package Management Solution - Datasheet

The State of Package Management (and How to Make It Better)

If organizations had a single package management solution that could work with multiple OS’s and languages, and even coordinate deployment across multiple systems, they could significantly reduce overhead and friction across their entire software development lifecycle.

Datasheet COVID-19 Business Impact: Pivoting faster with ActivePython

COVID-19 Business Impact: Pivoting faster with ActivePython

Has your business model been impacted by COVID-19? This datasheet explains how Activepython can allow you to quickly react to such disruptions.