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Infographic: What is Machine Learning?

This infographic shows the essentials of Machine Learning that matter to every Python beginner. Click to download the machine learning executive guide for free!

Python 2 extended support Updated cover image

Python 2 Extended Support

Python 2 EOL occurred on Jan 1, 2020. Get extended support for Python 2 including security fixes, updates and support for your third-party packages.

Automate your Language Builds: Solution Sheet

Automate your Language Builds

Keep your open source language distributions up to date and consistent across teams at scale, fast. Build your open source language distribution in minutes, not months with the ActiveState Platform.

Top 10 Python Use Cases

Top 10 Python Use Cases

Over the past two decades, the use cases for Python have grown. This paper covers 10 of the most common use cases by industry for Python that we’ve witnessed implemented by our customers.

Adding a Programming Language Checklist

Checklist: Adding a Language

Use this checklist to assess which language best fits your environment, what resources are required to support the selected language and whether or not to outsource support.

Machine Learning for DevOps – Use Case

Machine Learning for DevOps – Use Case

This Use Case discusses how you can apply Machine Learning (ML) to the data you’re collecting throughout your DevOps chain in order to detect anomalies, predict system failures, determine root causes, and more.

Python Modernization: 2 to 3 Solution Sheet

Python Modernization: 2 to 3

Python 2 will soon be unsupported. This paper discusses your options for moving your existing packages and applications from Python 2 to 3, along with best practice guidelines.

Infographic: ActiveState vs DIY Open Source

Infographic: ActiveState vs DIY

When you build your own Python, you can waste days compiling, debugging, verifying dependencies, checking licenses, and so on, rather than coding. This infographic illustrates the pitfalls and offers a better way.

Security and Compliance: SaaS Platform for Open Source Languages

Security and Compliance: SaaS Platform for Open Source Languages

The way to build, monitor and secure open source languages. Deliver applications faster with lower risk. All your stake holders in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) are empowered and can retain control.