Improving Customer Experience Using ActivePerl and ActivePython

Perl and Python can be found in any number of places - on websites, in downloadable apps, in systems back-ends, on the cloud, and within enterprise software solutions. Parallels, a leader in virtualization and automation software, supports dynamic languages ActivePerl and ActivePython in its Plesk product to create a more seamless experience for their customers. Quality components and seamless installations make Parallels Plesk Panel, a server automation solution, a great choice for small business customers and hosting providers who require simplicity and reliability, and ActiveState helps to provide a solid solution within Plesk.


Join Blake Tyra, Plesk Panel Product Manager at Parallels, and Jeff Hobbs, Director of Engineering at ActiveState, the dynamic languages experts to learn how to:

  • Get to market faster and add easily add functionality with ActivePerl and ActivePython in your software products
  • Increase customer experience and satisfaction with language distribution integration
  • Reduce QA cycles with ensured quality components
  • Eliminate legal risks when distributing Perl and Python in commercial products