Migrating from Matlab to Python

More and more, financial engineers and quants are turning to Python because it enables fast development and is uniquely suited to their tasks: data preparation, model run automation and connecting existing programs. If you’ve ever used Matlab or other mathematical applications and been frustrated, attend this webinar and learn how Python and packages like NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib can help you achieve your goals faster.

Join Dr. Mike Müller, President of Python Academy, and Diane Mueller (no relation!), Director of Enterprise Product Management at ActiveState, and learn about:

  • Python’s capabilities for working with data and connecting existing programs
  • How NumPy and matplotlib provide functionality such as numerical calculations and plotting graphs similar to Matlab – yet are easier to use
  • Python’s capabilities for data processing and automating model runs
  • How Python’s features help quants with exceptionally readable syntax, automatic memory management, object-orientation, exception handling and lots of powerful libraries


About the Speakers

Dr. Mike Müller

Dr. Mike Müller is CEO of Python Academy in Leipzig, Germany, specializing in Python teaching and consulting since 2004. An engineer who also works in research projects, he uses numerous scientific Python packages on a daily basis and teaches a course on "Python for Scientists and Engineers". He is a member of the Python Software Foundation (PSF), chairman of the PyCon DE conference 2011, runs a Python User Groups, and generally is passionate about developing the Python community. His training and consulting clients in Europe, US, and Asia include Deutsche Börse, Man Investments, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, German Aerospace Center, and more.

Diane Mueller, Director, Enterprise Product Management, ActiveState

Diane Mueller is Director, Enterprise Product Management at ActiveState, where she is responsible for managing dynamic language solutions for the enterprise. She has been designing and implementing products and applications embedded into mission critical financial and accounting systems at Fortune 500 corporations for over 20 years. With her passion for open standards in financial services, she has been actively involved in development efforts of XBRL for the past 11 years, and serves on the XBRL International Steering Committee. She is the host and editor of XBRLSpy.com. Before joining ActiveState, Diane held management and senior development roles at JustSystems, ACL, and Business Objects.