Safeguarding Against the Risks of Improper Open Source Licensing - Valuable Lessons for Software/Hardware Vendors

Industry-proven approaches exist to manage the risks related to improper open source licensing. These all begin with an understanding of how to institute an effective open source governance program and make use of turn-key solutions that are available to protect organizations from both operational and legal risks.

Join Greg Olson, Senior Partner at open source consulting firm Olliance Group and Bart Copeland, President and CEO of ActiveState, the dynamic languages company for an informative webinar to:

  • Investigate legal, operational and market risks associated with open source
  • Address common pitfalls with open source licensing
  • Identify proven tips for creating an open source governance program
  • Explore commercial open source options to mitigate open source legal and operational risks
  • Share effective steps to protect your organization against costly infringements