A few years ago there was just one way to get a Python language distribution – go directly to Python.org, download the core Python along with additional packages, then install and build it yourself. Then, operating system vendors started providing Python with their platforms. While the popularity of Python grew, so did the disparate versions of Python amongst the developers on your team.

That's why ActiveState created ActivePython Business Edition and Enterprise Edition. Stable, supported, tested, it's the Python standard available across 16 different architectures for millions of developers. Built for Python use in businesses, ensuring that wherever you prototype, test or deploy to production – you are standardizing on the same builds of Python. To further save time, using Python Package Manager (PyPM), you deploy the additional packages you require directly from our repositories and get technical support directly from the people who test and build the packages for your environment.

ActivePython Community Edition is a freely downloadable distribution of primarily core and pure Python packages, built for and with the help of the open source community.

Which Python edition is right for you? See for yourself.

  I am a developer in a business or government environment I am a developer or technical enthusiast
Types of Systems Business or operations-critical Non-critical computing environment or open-source project
Objective Need stable, supported, tested Python for business or operational applications Experimenting with Python
Recommended Python Distribution ActivePython Business Edition or Enterprise Edition ActivePython Community Edition
Primary Benefits Stable, reliable, and broadly supported. Easy to deploy and manage. Many operating systems and architectures available.  Industry-leading combination of  Python releases and Python packages (core and non-core). Bleeding-edge technology released early and often – including primarily pure Python packages
Version Releases 1.6 thru 3.2 2.6, 2.7, and 3.2
Feature Selection and Integration ActiveState ActiveState & Developer Community
Development Model Open Source Open Source
Package Repository More than 7,000 packages available, including NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, PyQT, M2Crypto, and various database connectors Primarily core and pure Python packages that auto-build without any additional library bindings required
Operating Systems & Architectures Solaris, HP-UX, AIX , Windows, Linux, and Mac OS Windows, Linux, and Mac OS
Support Options

Business Edition: 2 days

Enterprise Edition: 2 hours to 1 day

None (Community support only)
Testers ActiveState Developer Community
Package Selection Criteria Best balance of maturity and features selected based on their appropriateness for commercial deployment Latest open source community packages. Selected to meet the needs of the open source community and drive rapid technology development
Maintenance & Updates Complete update, management, and monitoring capabilities available via PyPM Community & 3rd party driven
Where to Buy Buy Online or Request a Quote Free download
Price Annual Subscription Free Download