ActiveState Launches New and Improved Code Site
by Trent Mick

Trent Mick, February 19, 2010

We are super excited to unveil the new at PyCon today.

  1. We've implemented tons of new improvements and sharpened to make it the place to go for dynamic language and web development code recipes.
  2. ActiveState and O'Reilly worked in collaboration to deliver a site where developers can share best practices and recipes, make their life easier and become known in the community.
  3. And what's even better is that the new code site serves as a portal to promote Python developers with the chance to include their most useful and innovative recipes in the 3rd edition of the upcoming O'Reilly Python Coobook!


We put a lot of love and care with, making sure that we integrated feedback and insights from the community.

Thanks to all the contributors who voiced their opinions!

Here are a few of the cool features available in ActiveState Code:

  • Improved usability and identification by community trends - Users can search recipes by number of views, age of recipe and user votes to quickly identify the most popular ones.
  • Easy social sharing - Users can share recipes with colleagues and friends through Digg, Twitter, Delicious, Facebook and other social networking and bookmarking sites.
  • Improved tagging - Icluding the addition of structured tags (also known as machine tags) to allow contributors to be more precise in how they tag and make searching for specific recipes more effective.

Take a tour of now!

Check out the press release for more info.

And if you are at PyCon, don't forget to swing by the ActiveState booth (#107)

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Trent Mick is one of ActiveState's Python gurus and senior developer. He's a member of the Python Software Foundation and is the author of many popular Python modules. At ActiveState his primary focus is Komodo. Trent has a Bachelor of Engineering and B. Sc. in Computer Science Degrees from the University of Saskatchewan.


2 comments for ActiveState Launches New and Improved Code Site

I was not familiar with the old version of the website, so i don't know to what extent the design was reworked here. What i see on the website is that the overall site's design is good, with great readability and nice formatting for text, code snippets, and comments.
BUT, when paying a short visit to the website, and even before that when looking at that screenshot above, the design of the list of snippets hurt my eyes. This is in dire need of better balance and spacing. So i took a shot at it, doing a 5 minutes prototype in Firebug:
If you think that's better and want help with the CSS, i guess i could provide some code. ;)


Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate the input and will look at improving that area, but feel free to email your CSS changes as well. In focusing on the release we had not gotten around to all the polish. I do agree that the side-by-side picture shows a cleaner display post changes.