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Microservices and PaaS - Part V

By John Wetherill, December 10, 2014

In the first four parts of this series I presented an introduction to microservices along with a handful of emerging microservices patterns, and a discussion of some of the downsides and challenges to using microservices. The most recent installment of this series looked at ten ways that PaaS facilitates microservices development and adoption.

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The Cloud Foundry Foundation Officially Launches!

By Brent Smithurst, December 9, 2014

ActiveState is very proud to be a founding gold member of the brand new Cloud Foundry Foundation! We look forward to the new governing model and collaborating with our fellow members.

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Cloud Foundry Advisory Board Meeting - 2014 December

By Phil Whelan, December 8, 2014

CAB Meeting December 2014

Latest Release

We started the meeting with an update on the latest cf-release v194, details of which can also be found the cf-docs-contribs wiki.

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2015: The Year Developers Reign as Kings and Queens

By Bernard Golden, December 8, 2014

2015: The Year Developers Reign as Kings and QueensAs enterprise IT pivots toward mobility and agility, 2015 will prove developers are now the driving force and lead decision makers. This will ultimately lead to new adoption trends throughout the year, as enterprise IT organizations recognize the need to be able to deploy applications across all environments, aka hybrid cloud computing.

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Cloud Luminaries: Victoria Livschitz on Using Automation to Achieve Developer Self-Service

By David Spark, December 3, 2014

Victoria Livschitz"The complete computing system emerges in response to a business need," said Victoria Livschitz (@vlivschitz), CEO of Qubell, of her company’s mission statement.

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Cloud Luminaries: Jerome Petazzoni on PaaS and DevOps

By David Spark, December 2, 2014

“[With PaaS,] instead of having one hundred different problems, now you can have one hundred times the same problem,” said Jérôme Petazzoni (@jpetazzo), Tinkerer Extraordinaire for Docker.

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Which Comes First? The Microservices Or The DevOps?

By Phil Whelan, December 1, 2014

Which Comes First? The Microservices Or The DevOps? It is easy to look at the unicorn companies of our world, most notably Netflix, and say, "That's it! That's how we should be doing it". Whether it's DevOps or Microservices, they seem to have it nailed.

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The IT Guide to PaaS

By Navrup Johal, November 27, 2014

IT Guide PaaS has been such a great innovation for developers. They can develop and deploy applications from their desktop to the cloud, all in a consistent environment. They can deploy to production themselves, bypassing the IT middleman and speeding up the application delivery process. And they can develop in any language they want, without limitations. Developers have it made! But what about IT?

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Cloud Luminaries: Tom Lounibos on the Consequences of Developing Too Fast

By David Spark, November 25, 2014

Tom Lounibos"How do you use speed as an advantage, but don't suffer the consequences of quality of delivering it," asked Tom Lounibos (@lounibos), Founder and CEO of Soasta in his presentation “High Tempo, High Consequences” during the 2014 Cloud Expo in Santa Clara, California.

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What Still Confuses You About PaaS?

By David Spark, November 20, 2014

Most people have heard the term SaaS and know what it means. Fewer people have heard IaaS and know what that means. At the 2014 Cloud Expo in Santa Clara, California, far fewer people had heard PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and know what it means.

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