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  • Go-to-Definiton

    Komodo Go to Definition is a helpful tool to quickly see the definition of any construct in your code. Whether it's a function, a variable, a class, class member or global, you can use Go To Definition to quickly open the location of that source and show it to you in Komodo.

    It works for your custom code and native language code too. There isn't much more to say other than this is a tool that you'll soon not be able to live without.

  • Configuring Komodo

    Komodo has been written with the concept of "make the best guess then allow custom changes". For 90% of Komodo features, you should simply be able to start Komodo and use it, and it will just work.

  • Microsoft is Bourne Again

    Satya Nadella and company in a brilliant stroke of insight have finally brought the power tools the Unix and Linux communities have relied on for decades to the Windows 10 platform. Reportedly this is not just tools that “do something similar” but actual native Ubuntu binaries running directly on Windows 10.

    On our Slack channel the ActiveState Team reacted to the news:


    “Wowza. Rethink required.”

  • Smart Snippets

    Komodo snippets and abbreviations are nothing new to code editing (they've been in Komodo almost since the beginning 15 years ago). But something that Komodo has that others may snippets. Using EJS template syntax we've made it possible to make dynamic snippets that can change based on the inputs you pass into it. Eric Promislow implemented EJS snippets and wrote a blog about these powerful userscript like snippets in Komodo.

  • I Just Want to Write My Code in Tcl
    Tcl Solutions from ActiveState

    "I don’t want a pickle, I just want to ride on my motor-cicle"
    --Arlo Guthrie

    This is a bit more fanciful than the usual ActiveState blog, but sometimes metaphors have more truth in them than facts.

  • Komodo Quick Bookmarks

    Komodo's quick bookmarks are a logical extension of the existing bookmarks. They were implemented, once again, with our users' speed and concentration in mind. They allow you to very quickly navigate to and from points of interest in your code.

  • Komodo File Management

    Komodo, as it should, provides robust tools to work with your projects files.

    The first is Komodo's Places pane. Places allows you to easily perform file specific function (eg. contextual SCC commands, publishing commands, copy/paste/cut/delete, etc.), as well as manage the scope of the files shown (eg. filtering out files, changing root directory, etc.), and obviously opening files.

  • Track Changes: For Programmers Who Sometimes Make Mistakes

    As you may well be aware, I am an excellent programmer. What you may not be aware of is that I SOMETIMES make mistakes. When one of these most uncommon events occur, I’ll often find myself 'Undoing' many steps to see what I had changed and what a particular piece of code looked like before I completely broke it. This opens you to the threat of a major UNDO-WTF; losing your work because you didn’t save and you hit “y” instead of Ctrl + Y ("z" instead of Cmd + shift + z on OSX).

    Then we wrote Track Changes...

  • Perl - The Secret Workhorse

    Something we’ve been aware of at ActiveState for a long time, but the industry at large doesn’t seem to know, is that Perl is the secret workhorse across several industries. A mission-critical language with decades of development behind it, Perl turns an amazing 30 years old next year. All manner of IT professionals from application developers to DevOps personnel to data scientists and system administrators have it as part of their indispensable toolkit for success.

  • Perl Modules Updated with OpenSSL 1.0.2g

    OpenSSL 1.0.2g was released today, containing fixes for a variety of security vulnerabilities. While we don't believe these vulnerabilities will impact most people, ActivePerl makes it easy to upgrade any installed SSL modules to the latest version. There are nine modules listed below that we build with OpenSSL. As of today, we have rebuilt all of these modules using version 1.0.2g.