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  • Komodo 9.3.1 Released

    Roughly 3 weeks after our release of 9.3.0 we have 9.3.1 ready for you. This release is focussed entirely on stability and resolves bugs introduced in 9.3 as well as some longer standing issues. Most notably this fixes NodeJS debugging for Node versions beyond 0.10.

  • Webinar: The One IDE for all Your Needs

    Komodo has long been the ideal IDE for team development environments, in any industry and for any team size, platform, or language. We recently released Komodo 9.3, packed with tons of great new features!

  • ActivePython vs. Open Source Python: What's the Difference

    I recently stumbled upon on old forum question inquiring why someone would use ActivePython instead of Python. That prompted me to write this blog, because it's important to remember that our language distributions are "more" than just the language itself. Having been around for over a decade, ActiveState language distributions are now used in several mission critical applications at some of the largest companies in the world.

  • Komodo 9.3 Released - Yours Forever!

    It's finally here, possibly our most major minor release ever - Komodo 9.3. There is so much in this release we could almost have called it Komodo 10, but we didn't. Read on past the fold to find out about the amazing features in the latest version of Komodo.

    Note that the update for this release is being steadily distributed over the next week, so you may not get it instantly but you can always download the update manually from our website if you do not wish to wait.

  • High Performance Image Resizing With Image::Scale
    Image Scale Resizing Images with Perl

    Several years ago I helped develop a media server that was designed to run on everything from desktop PCs to low-end Linux-based NAS devices. A common task for a media server is creating high quality thumbnails of all the album covers, photos, and videos in the user's media library. When scanning the library, the server needs to cache all of these thumbnails so they can be displayed quickly. In addition, each image must be cached at several different sizes to optimize for display on different devices.

  • Komodo IDE User Story: Defman

    I love the diversity of our users. We've featured prior user stories with developers who first learned to program using FORTRAN or BASIC. Today's story features a Komodo user on the opposite end of that spectrum. Sergey (aka defman) is a 16 year old programmer who just started programming two years ago. He loves Komodo and is even a community moderator on the Komodo forums.

  • Python GUI Programming: wxPython vs. tkinter

    Even though the Tcl/Tk-based UI module called tkinter is a fairly standard part of the Python distribution and has been for ages, it often gets ignored by developers who have come to Python from other directions.

    My own background is mostly in the C/C++ world, where I had deep experience with Qt and wxWidgets. That made it natural and easy to focus on wxPython when I started using Python ten years ago. I knew tkinter existed, but didn't pay it much attention.

    I thought Tcl/Tk was old, odd, and obscure, which turns out not to be the best technical judgment I've ever made.

  • Quick Assessment Skills Keep Developers Ahead of the Competition

    As developers, a fundamental part of our job is constantly assessing new and better tools. We have ones that we’ve used for years, and we’re not going to give those up. But we also have to reassess which additional tools or technologies we need to use for each new project. There might be libraries, frameworks or even new languages that are better suited for what we (as individuals or part of a team) are trying to build.

    This “quick assessment ability” is a core skill for every developer.

  • Team Editing: Komodo Collaboration Tool

    As many of you are aware, in Komodo IDE we have a feature call Collaboration. It's a simple tool with huge implications. Collaboration allows you to work with any number of people on a single document or many documents in a session.

  • First Komodo 9.3 Nightly Available

    We have been hard at work, very hard. Don't believe us? Check out the laundry list of changes below. And that's only the stuff worth an explicit mention. We have only just reached feature-freeze for 9.3 and are now spending a few weeks hammering out bugs and polishing the user experience. To say we've been hard at work is an understatement.