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Building out the Enterprise Cloud: Stackato Partnerships

By Wyatt Mullin, July 14, 2015

Stackato PartnershipsWe're half-way through 2015 and we've seen a lot of changes in the cloud marketplace.

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Setting Up Innovation Labs for Success: Insights from Capital One's Jason Valentino

By Michael Kanasoot, July 10, 2015
Jason Valentino, Capital One

Enterprise IT organizations are under tremendous pressure to create new business offerings, deliver them quickly to market, and then improve and extend them rapidly on an ongoing basis, as ActiveState's Stackato Vision describes.

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Understanding the Third Platform: An Interview with Bernard Golden

By Kathy Thomas, July 7, 2015

In a recent interview with James Maguire, Senior Managing Editor at Datamation, Bernard Golden discusses the concept of Third Platform. IDC coined the term back in 2014, but you may have also heard it as SMAC. Essentially, the Third Platform is the confluence of social, mobile, analytics (big data) and cloud--coming together to bring new types of applications to the market.

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DockerCon 2015 - What a Show!

By John Wetherill, July 2, 2015

DockerCon 2015Last week's DockerCon event was one of the most exciting, energizing, invigorating, and exhausting conferences I've attended. The crowds, keynotes, the technology, and the whales, created a fantastic atmosphere. In an incredibly short period of time Docker has managed to rivet the attention and interest of the cloud world. I feel moved to briefly share a few of my reactions to this event.

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Why Docker is Not Enough for Enterprise IT

By Bart Copeland, June 30, 2015

Docker is not enoughI want to start by saying that, at ActiveState, we absolutely love Docker. We think it's phenomenal technology that is really becoming the global currency of the cloud.

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Building Your Own Cloud With SUSE OpenStack and Stackato Cloud Foundry

By Navrup Johal, June 29, 2015

SUSEIn a recent online meetup "Overcoming the Challenges of Microservices with PaaS on OpenStack," John Wetherill from ActiveState, along with Frank Rego, Pete Chadwick and Cameron Seader from SUSE, showed how SUSE and Stackato, together, can help users obtain a quicker time to value for an OpenStack-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) deployment.

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Stackato on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

By Wyatt Mullin, June 24, 2015

Microsoft AzureThe growth of Azure has been outstanding--more than 90,000 new subscriptions every month. And the innovation is exponential with over 500 new features and services being added to the platform in the last 12 months. We're very excited to be part of this growth.

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Wrangling the Different Docker APIs

By Alex Harford, June 23, 2015

Docker APIsDocker APIs are a convenient way for your systems to talk to Docker infrastructure, but sometimes there are challenges associated with them. I've outlined in this blog the steps you need to take and the items you need to look out for when working with Docker APIs.

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Stackato: By the Numbers

By Billy Tat, June 18, 2015

Stackato: By the NumbersI have been involved with Stackato for a little over a year now. When I first used Stackato it was already a pleasant experience, it was simple to set up and had many complex, but easy-to-use, features.

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Continuous Delivery: It's All About the Pipeline

By John Wetherill, June 16, 2015

Continuous Delivery PipelineThe Agile Manifesto has had significant impact on the way software is built. It defines twelve fundamental principles, the first of which is "Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software."

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