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  • Komodo 9 Released: Better, Faster, Stronger
    Komodo 9 Release

    We’re happy to announce that we’ve just released Komodo 9, and we're celebrating the evolution of Komodo: now better, faster, and stronger than ever!

    We hope you love Komodo 9 as much as we do. It's been great to see how this release has come together and we’d like to give a special shout out to the community members who helped us test during the beta and RC stages. You’ve helped make this the best Komodo yet.

  • Happy Birthday Docker. And Welcome to the Slope of Enlightenment

    It's 2:15pm on a Friday, and I'm sitting in the keynote hall at PyCon 2013 fidgeting through a succession of lightning talks that have very little relevance to my life. Topics like "Python code coverage techniques" (ho-hum) and "Controlling Christmas lights with Python” (yawn - I wonder if there's anything new on Hacker News)...when Solomon Hykes takes the stage, unveils Docker, and the world shifts.

  • The Road To DevOps
    Road to DevOps

    I have been thinking recently about where DevOps comes from and how it is adopted. Most adoption for DevOps seems to come from Operations engineers. Adoption is hard and is slow - especially when it comes to culture. Maybe this is because the path commonly taken does not reflect how DevOps naturally evolved in other organizations.

  • DevOps: Tools Vs Culture
    DevOps Tools vs. Culture

    DevOps is a marriage between tools and culture. If you are just using the tools that you heard about at a recent DevOps Days and not also embracing the culture (or at least working towards it) then you're not really "doing DevOps".

    Is using DevOps tools, but not really "doing DevOps" a problem? Is the cultural baggage of DevOps getting in the way of utilizing some great tools or workflows that have emerged from under the umbrella of this movement?

  • Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day

    It's SysAdmin Appreciation Day on July 25th! To mark this wondrous day and spread the word, we thought we would head out onto the streets of Vancouver and find out more from the general public what they thought of SysAdmins.

    Remember to thank your SysAdmin for all that they do for you! (We recommend cupcakes.) (Tweet this)

    With love from ActiveState on SysAdmin Appreciation Day



  • Consul for Service Discovery - Mitchell Hashimoto Explains
    Vagrant Consul

    Last week I chatted with Mitchell Hashimoto about his recently released open-source project Consul for service discovery, which builds upon their previous project Serf.

    Many people will know Mitchell as the creator of Vagrant, but since then he has formed Hashicorp and released projects Packer, Serf and now Consul.

  • Two Factors to Docker's Success
    Dockercon 2014

    I recently attended DockerCon 2014, the first Docker conference hosted by Docker Inc. The atmosphere was vibrant with lots of contributors and partners in the community actively participating. This conference had it all -- filled with exciting demonstrations, significant announcements, educational sessions, and lots of meaningful discussions around containerization technologies. Thanks for having us. It was my pleasure to be a part of the first Docker conference and I look forward to the next DockerCon.

  • Developers: The New Kingmakers
    Kingmakers Developers

    I just read through “The New Kingmakers,” a thought-provoking book by Stephen O'Grady of the small, but influential, analyst firm Redmonk. The thesis of the book is straightforward: technology changes have moved developers, previously of little importance within the world of IT, to a central direction-setting role within companies.

    O'Grady attributes this change to four factors:

  • Auto-table Generation with Snippets, EJS and Komodo IDE/Edit

    I hate laying out tedious HTML tables. I know you do too. In fact, I'm sure you have a better way of doing it then typing it out tag for closing tag. This post is to show you how you can easily write a snippet in Komodo that does that for you.

  • strlen Considered Dangerous

    A user complained that when he loaded a particular PHP file into Komodo, the editor would become unresponsive, and there would be no code intelligence. A quick check outside the editor showed most of what I needed to know about this file: