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DevOps: DIY vs. Commercial

By Bernard Golden, February 23, 2015

DevOps: DIY vs. Commercial I've had the opportunity to attend a number of DevOps Days events. These are informal, community-based conferences devoted to a critical topic: how to get applications into production more quickly.

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OpenStack Summit - Vote For ActiveState

By Phil Whelan, February 20, 2015

Vote for ActiveState

Choose what you want to see at OpenStack Summit Vancouver

Voting is now open to choose which presentations you want to see at OpenStack Summit Vancouver, May 18-22! We are very excited about this event and have submitted proposals covering some very cutting edge topics, including a couple with some of our awesome partners. Check them out here:

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Locking Down the Cloud: 18 Security Issues Faced by Enterprise IT

By John Wetherill, February 19, 2015

Locking Down the Cloud: Cloud Security IssuesCIOs are increasingly concerned about cloud security. And they should be: with the recent outbreak of visible breaches at high-profile organizations like Target, Anthem, and others, and the subsequent damage they cause, corporations are scrambling to make sure their cloud applica

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What are the Leading Trends in Cloud Computing? An Expert Interview with Bernard Golden

By Clark Buckner, February 17, 2015

Expert InterviewsBernard Golden is the Vice President of Strategy for ActiveState Software. At this year’s Interop, he will lead the next-generation cloud applications workshop.

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Docker and Its Challenges for Enterprise IT

By Bernard Golden, February 12, 2015

Docker Logo This past week StackEngine published an infographic and survey results regarding enterprise adoption of Docker. The survey found, not surprisingly, intense interest in Docker.

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Sam Ramji and the Future of Cloud Foundry

By Brent Smithurst, February 12, 2015

We are thrilled to invite the newly appointed CEO of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, Sam Ramji, to join us for a special Fireside Chat next Friday to discuss recent announcements and the state of the foundation, the Cloud Foundry community, and the PaaS industry as a whole.

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Cloud Luminaries: Damon Edwards on Optimizing DevOps By Turning Everything Into A Service

By David Spark, February 10, 2015

Non DevOps environments are comprised of functional silos which can’t evolve as the business grows.

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Cloud Foundry Advisory Board Meeting - 2015 February

By Phil Whelan, February 6, 2015

CAB Meeting February 2015

Dr. Max kicked off this month's Cloud Foundry Community Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting with an announcement that this meeting, in its present format, would continue for at least one more month.

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Unravelling the Internet of Things: What Does it Really Mean to be on the IoT?

By John Wetherill, February 5, 2015

Internet of Things (IoT)I've been dabbling with the Internet of Things since before the Internet was a "Thing." Way back I fiddled with hooking up various sensors and actuators to my Apple ][ and Amiga 1000 computers, and mucked around with powered devices over X10.

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Cloud Computing: Pets, Cattle and ... Chickens?

By Bernard Golden, February 3, 2015

If you’ve spent any time at leading cloud computing conferences, you may have come across the meme “pets vs cattle.” (Here is a lengthy slideshare presentation by Randy Bias of EMC/Cloudscaling discussing the difference between pets and cattle in a cloud computing world).

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