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Last chance to submit talks for Open Web Vancouver 2009!

By , April 13, 2009

There is only 2 days left to submit talks to Open Web Vancouver, so submit your talk now! We've already confirmed some exciting talks, including:

Komodo macros as pure magic code injection

By , April 8, 2009

Back when we released ( I think it was? ) Komodo 3.0, David Ascher spent a few weeks scratching his chin and writing some docs on the JavaScript and Python macro apis that we were exposing in Komodo for users to hack on. The initial cut of the macros feature was a 'record some UI actions as JS code that might be re-runnable', but Komodo macros have since become very much *how you hack* Komodo, for instant gratification.

Komodo:’s Webdesign pick of the week

By Trent Mick, April 6, 2009

Nice to see Komodo Edit get’s Webdesign/HTML blog’s pick of the week:

This week I took a look at the latest version of my favorite XML and HTML text editor: Komodo Edit. The new version adds in some nice features like history and search highlighting. I still find this editor to be the best free [...]

Nice to see Komodo Edit get’s Webdesign/HTML blog’s pick of the week:

Komodo 5.1.1: fixes, path mode in Fast Open dialog, Perl::Critic integration

By Trent Mick, April 2, 2009

We (ActiveState) released Komodo 5.1.1 today. Get
it here:

Komodo IDE
Komodo Edit Or, if you are currently running Komodo 5.1.0, click “Help > Check for
Updates…”. This is a bug fix release and is recommended for all users. See
below for details.

Bug fixes

Two important bug fixes in this release are:

Fixed problem in re-generating the variable tabs in the [...]

We (ActiveState) released Komodo 5.1.1 today. Get
it here:

Whither Google this fine day?

By , April 1, 2009

from the IM logs:

TaraG: 10:43: was there no grand google prank today?

JeffG: 10:43: unsure. maybe that's the prank. a meta-prank.

Planet ActiveState gets a facelift

By Kendra Penrose, March 31, 2009

We are happy to announce that our blog has been moved to WordPress. You'll get the same great content but now it's much easier on the eyes and includes some great new features like an events calendar.

Let us know what you think.

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How to Unpickle Komodo's "xmlc" files

By Eric Promislow, March 27, 2009

A customer wondered how to get at the state information Komodo saves between sessions. There are three files in saved in the profile directory:




The "xmlc" files are pickled XML files, and are essentially unreadable outside Komodo. They're hard to unpickle outside Komodo, as they contain instances of objects Komodo knows about. But it's easy to write a macro to do the unpickling:

Using PHP Beautifier with Komodo IDE

By , March 26, 2009

Update: adjusted the PHP Beautifier instructions slightly as per @h

Komodo IDE recently added a code formatting feature, including built-in formatters for javaScript and HTML/XML. This is great, but the first thing I wanted to do was format PHP code! Luckily Komodo also allows the ability to add new formatters by hooking into existing command-line utilities.

unladden swallow: a (potentially *much*) faster CPython

By Trent Mick, March 26, 2009

Discussed a bit at the Python Language Summit at PyCon this morning: unladen-swallow is a Google project to do a lot of performance work on CPython’s VM.

Currently have about 30% speed up.
Currently for Python 2 (2.4, I think).

Komodo 5.1 is released!

By , March 24, 2009

As posted here and here and even over here, today we released Komodo 5.1:

Komodo IDE 5.1 has been released! The latest iteration of ActiveState's dynamic languages IDE features improved navigation.