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Over to the Vim, er, 'dark' side

By , March 10, 2009

Long story short, I'm doing a lot more web dev / sys admin work, and this necessarily involves logging into a lot of machines and editing text files in a terminal, using vim. After a week of flailing around with my then-very-limited knowledge of vim commands and usage, I spent some time one weekend geting a *LOT* more familiar with it. I am proud to say I've increased my knowledge TEN-FOLD!! ( to 1% up from 0.1% ).

Setting up Komodo Edit for Drupal development

By , March 6, 2009

Here at ActiveState HQ, it seems like I am doing more and more Drupal development. We've been using Drupal for a long time for various things, starting with some internal tools I developed to make customer service a bit easier.

Some AppleScript / integration

By , February 28, 2009

For a long time I've used various iterations of some AppleScript to open a new tab in first iTerm and now Leopard's to open a new shell tab to the current directory visible in the Finder. The grand-daddy of these is of course Marc Liyanage's 'Open Terminal Here', and I still use a slightly hacked version of it.

Quite a while ago a started looking at how to run AppleScript commands directly from Komodo to do similar things. This is the result:

Find highlighting and Linux/x86_64 support in Komodo 5.1a2

By , February 27, 2009

We released Komodo 5.1 alpha 2 a couple of days ago (shame on me for not
announcing until now). Get it here:

Please try it out and give us your feedback:


This is the second release of Komodo 5.1
on the way to a planned final release around mid-May. There are a few goodies

CakePHP development with Komodo screencast

By , February 26, 2009

Our handy blog-and-twitter scanning script coughed up this post over at pseudocoder about using Komodo ( his version is Komodo 4 ) for CakePHP development. Head on over to view Matt's screencast ( warning, the volume is a bit high on the video ) which features none other than my very own CakePHP extension for Komodo. Awesome!

SciMoz in Firefox 3 as an extension.

By , February 26, 2009

I just noticed that ActiveState community site member nanomir posted a picture of SciMoz / Scintilla running in Firefox 3:

PDK 8.0: The End of Wrap, Deploy, Repeat.

By , February 25, 2009

It's time to celebrate: today we're launching Perl Dev Kit (PDK) 8.0! Hoorah! Deploy to Any Platform from Any Platform PDK 8.0 introduces an enhancement to PerlApp that allows cross-wrapping of your applications, allowing for a "develop one place, deploy...

It's time to celebrate: today we're launching Perl Dev Kit (PDK) 8.0! Hoorah!

PHPDoc and JSDoc auto documenting

By Todd Whiteman, February 13, 2009

Nathan Rijksen has recently posted a neat Komodo macro that I've found very useful when editing PHP and JavaScript files:

Want Something? Pull a Trigger

By , February 11, 2009

Although there's been a disconcerting spike in gang-related shootings here in Vancouver, this article is talking about Komodo's triggers, macros that fire automatically under certain conditions. By taking advantage of these macros, you can get Komodo to automatically work in...

6 Reasons To Get Dynamic Languages Support

By , February 10, 2009

Identifying the right time to solicit support from a third-party vendor can be challenging. The question of build versus buy has significant implications for a project's budget--and timeline. Hiring a third-party expert to assist with a project can save you...

Identifying the right time to solicit support from a third-party vendor can be challenging.