Open source dynamic languages such as Perl, Python and Tcl are gaining popularity in today's enterprise due to their robustness, flexibiliy, ease of use, and ability to get applications to market faster. However, there are hidden security, legal and business risks if you're using open source versions of languages that are neither commercial supported nor enterprise-ready. Financial Services, Aerospace & Defense, Government and High-Tech organizations trust ActiveState's solutions to power their critical systems while mitigating risks, ensuring license compliance, and delivering maximum uptime.

High-Tech (Software and Hardware vendors)

Accelerate development, and take products to market faster. Reduce legal risks and missed business opportunities. Discover why software and hardware vendors like CA, Cisco, Siemens, and VMWare trust ActiveState's solutions to power their applications with Perl, Python or Tcl.


Achieve maximum operational efficiency for your government organization and ensure systems powered with Perl, Python or Tcl are up and running. Trust our affordable commercial support and quality-assured, commercial-grade language distributions to improve productivity, maintain maximum uptime and comply with support requirements for open source.

Financial Services

Improve the client experience by ensuring maximum uptime of critical systems. Discover why financial services organizations such as Bank of America and Credit Suisse take full advantage of Perl, Python and Tcl to build leading edge systems without the risks.

Aerospace and Defense

Ensure the utmost availability and performance for aerospace and defense applications built with Perl, Python or Tcl. Discover how leading organizations such as The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, and GE Aviation gain peace of mind and mitigate legal risks for applications distributed to government customers.

Other Industries

At ActiveState we understand that companies have different needs and goals. Contact ActiveState to discuss how our solutions can help you meet your industry's unique needs.