ActiveState offers a variety of educational resources covering topics surrounding open source dynamic languages and open source. For a full list of educational materials, please select one of the categories below.

ActiveState Whitepapers

From determining ROI on open source to tips for successful development with Perl, Python and Tcl, our informative white papers will provide you with a wealth of knowledge. You'll also gain in-depth insights about each dynamic language and how they apply to businesses using dynamic languages to power their critical systems.

ActiveState Webinars

Immerse yourself in one of our on-demand presentations or register for a new webinar. Our webinars discuss how to take quality products to market faster with enterprise-ready dynamic languages and business issues related to use of dynamic languages like Perl, Python and Tcl in the enterprise today.

ActiveState Screencasts

Watch screencasts on ActivePython modules, Komodo IDE, Perl Dev Kit Acand more. Learn hot tips and tricks and start coding smarter now!

Download Center

The ActiveState Download Center offers multitude of development tools trials and free downloads for ActivePerl, ActivePython and ActiveTcl Community Editions.

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