ActiveState offers a range of services to help enterprise and community-based developers get the most out of our solutions.

Commercial Support

At ActiveState, we pride ourselves in providing prompt response and quick resolution of technical issues for our customers. Depending on the level of commercial support you choose, our dynamic languages experts will work to quickly diagnose and solve your problems so that your system and your business can keep running smoothly.


Get the maximum benefit from your ActiveState solutions by providing your developers with expert training in Perl, Python and Tcl. Our customized training programs will help your development teams increases productivity and deliver powerful systems.

Consulting Services

ActiveState offers expert consulting services designed to meet the demanding needs of your development project. Our experts will guide you through best practices in deploying dynamic languages, design applications and create customized builds for the versions and operating systems that you need.

General FAQ

Check the FAQ for answers about your purchases: passwords, licenses, trials, upgrades, serial numbers, accounts or other related issues.

Developer Tools Support

ActiveState provides Komodo IDE, Perl Dev Kit and Tcl Dev Kit customers with basic installation support. For Pro Studio customers, please note that installation support is covered for Komodo IDE, Perl Dev Kit and Tcl Dev Kit, but does not include support for ActivePerl/ActiveTcl language distributions. For all other support issues, please visit our Community site, which hosts our technical product FAQs and forums, to see if your question is already answered.

Community Support

For community developers using our free products, rely on a wealth of information supported by the community and ActiveState's experts: