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Plan your PaaS: Pre-Planning Consultation

You’re curious about PaaS. You want to explore potential solutions and how they may fit into your current infrastructure and development workflow. ActiveState’s cloud experts will help you in a PaaS Pre-Planning Consultation in order to to understand your needs and objectives. We will work with you to ascertain your objectives and current practices which will aid in gathering requirements and providing insight into other aspects of PaaS that you may not have considered yet.

Stackato Quick Start Package

Recommended for small to medium-sized implementations with a 10-20 node Stackato installation (with no complex integration or auto-scaling requirements) to get up and running quickly so you and your developers can get back to doing what you do best.

  • Stackato basic implementation:
    • Cluster setup and configuration
    • Including appropriate number of VMs, memory, resource allocation, and setting of number of application instances
  • Implementation project managed by ActiveState
    • Client must assign required resources and personnel
  • Online training for IT
  • Online training for developers

Implement your PaaS: Basic Stackato Enterprise Implementation

To ensure a successful implementation according to ActiveState’s best practices, our experts will work with you to configure Stackato to meet your objectives. This includes appropriate number of VMs, memory, resource allocation configuration, and setting of number of application instances. Or if you require assistance to implement on a specific cloud or IaaS (whether Amazon, OpenStack, vSphere/vCloud Director, CloudStack, etc), ActiveState can provide hands-on (remote) experts to implement Stackato. Along with this, your staff will benefit from working side-by-side with our experts to be successful administrators of Stackato as your implementation and usage grow. On-site assistance may be provided for an additional fee.

Apply Best Practices to your PaaS: Best Practices Consulting

As you embark on your PaaS implementation, our experts are available to advise you on best practices in areas such as:

  • Cluster design recommendations
  • Cluster setup/configuration review
  • Monthly system health optimization (requires tunneling or remote control of system)
  • Review and best practices in migrating applications to Stackato
  • Application deployment
  • New Relic setup and troubleshooting

Customize your PaaS: Stackato Skinning/Theming

If you want to brand the PaaS as your own, Stackato has the ability to be skinned or themed to reflect your colors and logo. ActiveState will skin the interface for you, ready to be launched as your private PaaS to your staff or users. Also, a license is required for skinning or theming.

Customize your PaaS: Stackato Integration & Customization

Enterprises have complex IT environments with existing workflows, systems, databases, and security requirements. If you need Stackato to integrate with your existing systems, or to build in unique capabilities beyond the standard offering, ActiveState will customize Stackato to fit your enterprise IT requirements and use cases. This may include:

  • Implementation on an alternative IaaS infrastructure
  • Adding new data or messaging services
  • Integration with a third-party database
  • Integration with third party products and services such as billing services, Continuous Integration (CI) tools, or Single Sign-On (SSO) systems
  • Adding other unique capabilities

ActiveState will review your requirements, provide planning, build and implement the customized capabilities or service for you. Additionally, ActiveState will provide ongoing support for customizations (for an annual fee).

Alternatively, ActiveState offers advanced support for customers who have the time, resources, and skills to perform their own customization and integrations. Emergency troubleshooting and fixes for these scenarios will be charged an extra fee.

Managed Pilot/Proof-of-Concept Services

Duration: 4 weeks

Beyond a simple trial of Stackato Micro Cloud, if you are planning a large implementation and have complex enterprise requirements, leverage ActiveState’s Proof of Concept (PoC) services to emulate Stackato in a real world scenario for your environment. The success of a PoC is predicated on appropriate planning (objectives, success criteria, test plan, resource planning), management (ensuring the plan is being worked and milestones are met) and the expertise to facilitate the requisite testing. ActiveState will work closely with you at each stage of the PoC, assist with planning and success criteria, provide technical support, and facilitate weekly technical meetings.

Other Professional Services

Additional services are available when you need the expert assistance and guidance directly from ActiveState as you move from testing mode to production use of Stackato. ActiveState provides packaged consulting/professional services and engineering hours for additional services that leverage our team’s PaaS expertise.

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