Thank You for Downloading


If you've downloaded ActiveTcl:

  • for use in production
  • for redistribution
  • on terminal servers
  • for thin client for app deployment (i.e. on MS Terminal Services, Citrix XenApp or File Servers)
  • for use on HP-UX/AIX/Solaris

...then ActiveTcl Community Edition is not the right license for you. Please contact us for Business Edition or Enterprise Edition options.

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Using Tcl in a business or government environment?

Other Development Tools

  • Komodo IDE: Cross-platform IDE for Tcl and other dynamic languages
  • Tcl Dev Kit (TDK): Essential tools for building and deploying Tcl applications.
  • ActiveTcl Pro Studio: Everything developers need to develop, debug, and deploy professional Tcl applications: Tcl Dev Kit (TDK), Komodo IDE, and Safari Books Online.